From: McMichael-Phillips Jamie
Sent: 04 June 2010 09:03
To: Sutton Nigel
Subject: FW: WEND-WG Circular Letter 01/2010

From: Hinds, Sean []
03 June 2010 20:36
To: McMichael-Phillips Jamie
Cc: Narayanan, Savithri; Katie Ries; Craig.Winn
Subject: RE: WEND-WG Circular Letter 01/2010


Hello Jamie,

I have been asked to reply to your email on behalf of the US-Canada Hydrographic Commission.


In respect of the report on ENC covergae it is our sense that a general statement is preferable to a detailed table of facts and figures. In that spirit we offer you the following text as the summation of the USCHC status on ENC coverage:

The members of the USCHC have mature, well developed Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) programs. For INT Region A, the USCHC is of the opinion that current ENC coverage is adequate to support international voyages. The USCHC is currently in the process of resolving ENC overlaps and conflicting ENC data in our transboundary waters. The Commission does note that as areas open to new international traffic, such as the Arctic, adequate ENC coverage will need further consideration.

USCHC does not yet have a position on the IRCC2 paper WEND-WG-01-10 submitted by the Area F INT Charting Cooperation Coordinator. 


In closing I wish to offer our congratulations on your new role as Deputy National Hydrographer and the subsequet IHO responsibility that accompanied it such as Chair WEND-WG on which, I look forward to working with you.


Kind regards




Sean Hinds
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From: McMichael-Phillips Jamie []
May 24, 2010 10:55 AM
To: Hydrographer, SA Navy; Yves Guillam;; nnho N N HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE;;;;;; International Relations UKHO;; INHO; Hinds, Sean;
Cc: Gilles Bessero; Moncrieff Ian; Hugo GORZIGLIA; Robert Ward; Sutton Nigel; Smith Chris; Hensley Rob
Subject: WEND-WG Circular Letter 01/2010

Dear Colleagues,


You may know that I have now assumed the role of Deputy National Hydrographer from Captain Vaughan Nail.  Vaughan has moved on to assume command of the Hydrographic Surveying Squadron.


One of my new duties is that of chair of the WEND-WG and I am in the process of pulling together my report to the forthcoming IRCC2. To this end I have attached a WEND-WG Circular Letter together with a paper submitted by France on ENC coverage issues for your attention and response please.


Kind Regards,


Jamie McMP



Captain Jamie McMichael-Phillips Royal Navy

Deputy National Hydrographer
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