East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC) Commission hydrographique de l´Asie orientale (CHAO)
Chair: Rear Admiral Dato' Fadzilah bin Mohd Salleh (Malaysia)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Arata SENGOKU (Japan)

Président: Contre-amiral Dato' Fadzilah bin Mohd Salleh (Malaisie)
Vice-Président: Dr. Arata SENGOKU (Japon)

Members: Brunei Darussalam, China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Japan , Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand Membres: Brunei Darussalam, Chine, Indonésie, Japon, Malaisie, Philippines, République de Corée, République populaire démocratique de Corée, Singapour, Thaïlande
Observers: Cambodia, Timor Leste, UK, USA, Viet Nam, GEBCO Guiding Committee Observateurs: Cambodia, Timor Leste, UK, USA, Viet Nam, GEBCO Guiding Committee
IHO Secretariat Representatives:
Secretary General Dr Mathias JONAS
Assistant Director Anthony PHARAOH
Représentants du Secrétariat de l'OHI:
Secrétaire général Dr Mathias JONAS
Adjoint au Directeur Anthony PHARAOH
Brief History

The EAHC was established in Tokyo, Japan, on 12th April 1971on the occasion of Inauguration Meeting and First Conference of the East Asia Hydrographic Commission under the initiative of China, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, and Thailand. Its firsts Chairperson was Dr Kiyoshi KAWAKAMI . The first activities conducted were the formulation of the EAHC Statutes; sharing of hydrographic activities by Member States; establishment of the NAVAREA XI Warning Service and promoting hydrographic technical assistance in the region. Main achievements since were the publication of the South China Sea Electronic Navigational Charts in 2005 and the establishment of an ENC Task Group in 2006 to facilitate ENC consistency and coverage of the region.

Original: Tokyo, Japan, 14 April 1971
Amendments: (1) by correspondence from the decision made at the Informal Meeting, Jakarta, Indonesia, 4 November 1976 (2) Seoul, Republic of Korea, 5 September 1980

Historique succincte

La CHAO a été créée à Tokyo, Japon, le 12 avril 1971 au cours de la réunion inaugurale et de la première Conférence de la Commission hydrographique de l´Asie orientale, à l´initiative de la Chine, de l´Indonésie, du Japon, de la République de Corée, des Philippines et de la Thaïlande. Son premier président fut le Dr Kiyoshi KAWAKAMI. Ses activités ont tout d´abord porté sur la rédaction des Statuts de la CHAO, le partage des activités hydrographiques par les Etats membres, la création du Service d´avertissements NAVAREA XI et la promotion de l´assistance technique en matière d´hydrographie dans la région. Depuis, au titre des principales réalisations on peut noter les cartes électroniques de navigation de la Mer de Chine occidentale en 2005 et la création d´un groupe de travail sur les ENC en 2006 pour faciliter la cohérence et la couverture de la région.

Original: Tokyo, Japon, 14 avril 1971
Amendements: (1) par correspondance à la suite de la décision prise au cours de la réunion informelle, Jakarta, Indonésie, 4 novembre, Jakarta, Indonésie, 4 novembre 1976 (2) Séoul, République de Corée, 5 septembre1980
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5th EAHC Steering Committee Meeting - Xiamen, China (6-8 March 2018)  Documents
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Past Meetings  
4th Steering Committee Meeting - Japan (February 2017) Link to website
3rd Steering Committee Meeting - Surakarta, Indonesia (24-26 February 2016) Link to website
5th EAHC Training and Research Development Committee Board of Directors Meeting – Surakarta, Indonesia (22-23 February 2016) Link to website
12th EAHC Conference – Manila, Philippines (13-15 October 2015) Link to website | Documents
4th CHC and 2nd RECC Meetings - Tokyo, Japan, (28 - 30 July 2015) Link to website
2nd Steering Committee Meeting – Singapore (10-12 February 2015) Link to website
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3rd Charting and Hydrography Committee Meeting – Hong Kong, China (30 July - 01 August 2014) Link to website 
1st Steering Committee Meeting - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (26 - 27 February 2014) Link to website 
7th Coordinating Meeting - Busan (Rep. of Korea) (23-24 January 2013) Report
11th Conference - Chiang Mai, Thailand (4 - 6 September 2012) Documents
6th Coordinating Meeting - Okinawa, Japan (18-19 January 2012) Report
5th Coordinating Meeting - Yogyakarta, Indonesia (27-28 January 2011) Report
4th Coordinating Meeting - Bangkok, Thailand (21-22 January 2010) Report
10th Conference - Singapore (15-17 October 2009) Report
3rd Coordinating Meeting - Sanya, China (18-19 February 2009) Report
2nd Coordinating Meeting - Chiangmai, Thailand (24-25 January 2008) Report
1st Coordinating Meeting - Singapore (10-11 January 2007) Report
9th Conference - Rep. of Korea, Jeju (19-22 September 2006) Report
8th Conference - China, Shanghai (11 to 14 November 2003) Report
7th Conference - Indonesia, Jakarta (4 to 7 July 2000) Report

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