ENCWG4 (2019)

4th ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group Meeting (ENCWG4)
IHO, Monaco
10 - 12 June 2019


Post Meeting Documents: [ENCWG4 Draft Minutes] [Draft Actions List] [Meeting Photo]


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Logistics Information (and Online Registration Site)
Please email your intention to attend the meeting before 17 May 2019 to the Chair: Thomas Mellor: Thomas.Mellor@UKHO.gov.uk and Secretary: Anthony Pharaoh addt@iho.int

  Template for submission of proposals (.docx)
  Draft Meeting Programme
ENCWG4-1.1 List of Documents (this list)
ENCWG4-1.2 List of Participants
ENCWG4-2.1 Agenda (Version 8)
3. Matters Arising, HSSC Items and Other WG Reports
ENCWG4-3.1 ENCWG3 Meeting Minutes
ENCWG4-3.2 ENCWG3 Actions
ENCWG4-3.3 Decisions and Actions from HSSC11
ENCWG4-3.4 HSSC Action 11/06 - Equivalent T&P NMs for ENCs
ENCWG4-3.5 DQWG Report (V2)                                                                                          [Presentation]
ENCWG4-3.6 NCWG Report                                                                                                  [Presentation]

4. ENCWG Documents and Work Activities

ENCWG4-04.1 S-52 - Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS
ENCWG4-04.2 S-57 - IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data
ENCWG4-04.3 S-58 - Recommended ENC Validation Checks
ENCWG4-04.4 S-62 - List of Data Producer Codes
ENCWG4-04.5 S-63 - IHO Data Protection Scheme
ENCWG4-04.6 S-64 - IHO Test Data Sets for ECDIS
ENCWG4-04.7 S-65 - ENCs: Production, Maintenance and Distribution Guidance
ENCWG4-04.8 S-66 - Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements
ENCWG4-04.9 Updates to the IHO webpage ENCs, ECDIS and S-100

5. ENCWG Proposals

ENCWG4-5.1 Reported inconsistence between S-52 Pres Lib 4.0.(1) Part I and Part I, Appendix C
ENCWG4-5.2 Error in Presentation Library Edition 4  [CHDATD01.svg   CHRVID01.svg]
ENCWG4-5.3 S-52 ECDIS Chart 1 Issues
ENCWG4-5.4A UOC Revision to Reflect Changes in S-52 Edition 4.0 (UK)
ENCWG4-5.4B Changes UOC 4.1.0 due to discrepancies with S-52 PL 4.0.2 (Aus)
ENCWG4-5.5 Proposal to Create a New ENC Distribution Protocol
ENCWG4-5.6 Blue Lights in S-52
ENCWG4-5.7 Naming of Beach Areas
ENCWG4-5.8 SCAMIN on Aggregations
ENCWG4-5.9 ENC Containing too many References                                                                  [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.10 M_QUAL on UNSARE with No Bathymetry (ENCWG3 Action 6A)
ENCWG4-5.11 Consistent Use of Vertical Reference Datums in ENCs                                     [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.12 Actions from HSSC11 for ENCWG - MARPOL
ENCWG4-5.13 S-58 ‘Critical’ check test data
ENCWG4-5.13.1 Changes to S-58
ENCWG4-5.13.2 Changes to S-58 Check 555
ENCWG4-5.14 S-63 Readme.txt File
ENCWG4-5.15 Dangers highlighted by Sector lights intersections                                                  [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.16 Identification of areas with larger scale Paper Chart coverage                              [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.17 DAYMAR and the double encoding of Base display objects                                   [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.18 ECDIS in-built safety functions performance vs Chart compilation practices     [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.19 Editorial amendments to S-52 PL Ed 4.0(.2) Part I
ENCWG4-5.20 Encoding of active Submarine Volcanos in ENCs                                                    [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.21 Portrayal of Dredged Area depths in ECDIS
ENCWG4-5.22 PYLONS point objects and S-58
ENCWG4-5.23 Cyber Security Fix
ENCWG4-5.24 Mismatching Agency Code (AGEN) values in ENCs                                                [Presentation]
ENCWG4-5.25 Omnidirectional lights with a nominal range of 10NM or greater
ENCWG4-5.26 Overscale area pattern performance in ECDIS
ENCWG4-5.27 NON-HO data boundary in ECDIS
ENCWG4-5.28 S-52 Issues with OBSTRN                                                                                    [Presentation]

S-65 Annex A - HD ENC Guidance                                                                       [Edited at Meeting]

Proof of Concept - Pilotage Plans (Presentation - Carnival Cruises)

ENCWG4-5.30 Use of Big Monitors for ECDIS
ENCWG4-5.31 Inconsistencies in Standards

6. General Topics

ENCWG4-6.1 Outcomes from IMO - NCSR
ENCWG4-6.2 Github Proposal

7. Any Other Business


 Information Papers and placeholder items


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