ENCWG5 (2020)

5th ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group Meeting (ENCWG5)
Online Meeting
15 July (12:00 to 15:00 CEST)
16 July (12:00 to 15:00 CEST)

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes] - [Actions] - [Photo]
Previous ENCWG meeting documents are available here

Doc Number Date Posted Title    
    Intoduction Logistics
  20 June Invitation to Participate 
ENCWG5-0 13 July Information Papers  
ENCWG5-1 18 September List of Participants - and SubWG Members
ENCWG5-2 6 July Agenda and Logistics Information
ENCWG5-3   Review of actions from ENCWG4
ENCWG5-4.1 10 July S-52 PL edition 4.0.3 - Consolidated Comments.  (.xlsx)
ENCWG5-4.2A 14 July Australia - Comments  (.doc)
ENCWG5-4.2B 10 July Australia - Table Describing Clarifications   (.doc)
ENCWG5-4.2C 10 July Australia - Chart 1 - Ed 4.0.3 (.zip)  |  Note from Alvaro
ENCWG5-4.3A 12 July Furuno - Comments  (.docx)
ENCWG5-4.3B 13 July Furuno - comments on Aus paper   (.docx)
ENCWG5-4.4 8 July Navico - Comments  (.docx)
ENCWG5-4.5   Wartsila - Comments  (.docx)
ENCWG5-4.6 15 July IC-ENC - Comments (.docx)
ENCWG5-5   S-64 edition 3.0.3 - approval of clarifications.
ENCWG5-6.1 7 July 63 Cyber Security - Draft Impact Assessment    (.docx)
ENCWG5-6.2 7 July 63 Cyber Security - Draft Digital Signature Test Data Description    (.docx)
ENCWG5-6.3 7 July 63 Cyber Security - Example (.zip)
ENCWG5-6.4 9 July Amendments to S-63 for Cyber Security Issues    (.pptx)
ENCWG5-7 15 July S-58 - Agree Proposed Revisions    (.docx)  (revision)
ENCWG5-8 15 July Consider removing the term master/slave from S-57  (.pptx)
ENCWG5-9.1 2 July HSSC Letter 3 /2020 (HSSC guidance about business continuity and preparation of HSSC-12)
ENCWG5-9.2 7 July ENCWG Report to HSSC12 (Chair)  (.ppt)
ENCWG5-10   Update on amendments to the UoC
ENCWG5-11A 14 July Amendments to ENC Validation Checks
ENCWG5-11B 14 July CSP Missing from lookup table
ENCWG5-11C 14 July Grouping of Soundings in ENC Updates
ENCWG5-11D 14 July Maximum Recommended size for ENC files
ENCWG5-11E 14 July Use of the edge attribute USAG C by ECDIS
ENCWG5-11F 15 July DAYMAR and the double encoding of Base display objects (ENCWG4-5.17)
ENCWG5-12 14 July Encoding proposals
  15 July Homework by Hannu - readme info  (S-52 Homework by Hannu.zip)
    New Document

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