ENCWG7 (2022)

7th ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group Meeting (ENCWG7)

Wellington, New Zealand
21-25 November 2022

In conjunction with the 9th S-101 Project Team Meeting

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Minutes of last Meeting and Actions

ENCWG7-04   Review of HSSC14 decisions and actions
ENCWG7-05 03Jan2022 Proposal to change S-64 Test Data / Corrected S-64 TDS(zip)
ENCWG7-06 03Jan2022 Proposal to change ECDIS Chart 1 / Corrected ECDIS Chart 1(zip)
ENCWG7-07   IHO S-67 Mariner's Guide to use of ENC data in ECDIS
ENCWG7-08   Skin Of the Earth (SOE) display issue update
ENCWG7-09   S-64 reformatting and new SOE test
ENCWG7-10   S-57 issues updates
ENCWG7-11   ECDIS Cyber Security Guidance
ENCWG7-12   S-65 HDENC automation
ENCWG7-13   S-52 Clarifications
ENCWG7-14   S-57 to S-101 Conversion
ENCWG7-15   IHO-SGP lab Project update – S-57 input data, Conversion Tools, S-101 ed 1.1
ENCWG7-15.1 21Oct2022 S-65 Annex B Edition 1.1.0 Draft Document  (.doc)  (.pdf)
ENCWG7-16   S-101 to S-57 Conversion 
ENCWG7-17   S-57 UOC changes


Date and venue of ENCWG8



Upate ENCWG Terms of Reference 

ToR Redline version (.doc)



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