Publication S-64
Edition 3.0(.2) - July 2017


The IHO Publication S-64 comprises an Instruction Manual and numerous data sets. Since the release of Edition 3.0.0, a number of minor clarification have been identified.  The 2nd ENCWG meeting agreed that these should be included in a new clarification Edition 3.0(.2) of the document.  The clarification edition and associated test datasets can be downloaded below.

The S-64 data sets contain both encrypted and unencrypted ENC cells and Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) data. Encrypted data sets conforming to the S-63 ENC standard, have been included so that ECDIS data loading and management operations can be tested for conformance with IEC 61174. The unencrypted data sets have been included to further tests visualisation and operation aspects of the ECDIS. The RNC data sets conform to the Hydrographic Chart Raster Format (HCRF) and the Maptech BSB format.


The S-64 Edition 3.0.2 documents and Test Data Sets can be downloaded here:

    - Instruction Manual for the use of IHO Test Data Sets in ECDIS

    - Unencrypted ENC Test Data Sets

- Encrypted ENC Test Data Sets

- RNC Test Data Sets