S-121  - Maritime Limits and Boundaries
Draft Product Specification Documents

July 2018


The following documents have been produced by the S-121 Project Team for evaluation
  Proposed new document structure and format
  S-121 Product Specification
  S-121 DCEG Part 1
  S-121 DCEG Part 2
  S121 Annex A Text Encoding Format
  Files (1-8) below as Compressed (.ZIP) format
1 Cover Page (Word)
2 Overview (Word)
3 Main Product Specification Document (Word)
4 Derivation of Classes (Word)
5 Encoding (Word)
6 Feature Model (Word)
7 Governance Structure (Word)
8 MLB Features (Word)
  MLB Comment Form (Word)
Additional Information
  S-121 WIKI Information Site
OGC Pilot Project
  29 May 2018: OGC Pilot Project Webinar, 11am EDT details
02 May 2018: Press Release in Geospatial World
30 April 2018 Press Release in Directions Magazine
30 April 2018: Press Release in GISCafe
30 April 2018: Press Release in Carto-Grafia
30 April 2018: Call for Sponsors Opens Press Release
20 April 2018: OGC Pilot Project website launched.
12 April 2018: OGC Pilot Project Proposal submitted to the OGC Innovation Program.

Pilot Project Presentation
Proposal Document