Meso American - Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission

Commission hydrographique de la Méso-Amérique et de la mer des Caraïbes

Comisión Hidrográfica de Meso América y del Mar Caribe



Last update: 06 août 2018



Letter 13 - Invitation to the IHO Secretariat

Letter 12 - Invitation MSI Workshop Annex A Annex B

Letter 11 - Invitation Workshop on Ports and Shallow Water Survyes Annex A Annex B

Letter 10 - Invitation to Spain

Letter 09 - Invitation to the MACHC Seminar - Application Form

Letter 08 - Invitation to the MACHC19

Letter 07 - Minutes of the MACHC18 - MACHC18 Minutes - Action List from MACHC18

Letter 06 - Fund raising and participation in CB projects

Letter 05 - Invitation to participate in the GEBCO meetings

Letter 04 - Invitation to contribute data to the IHO DCDB

Letter 03 - Invitation to contribute to CSB

Letter 02 - Invitation for WWNWS10

Letter 01 - Confirmation of the MACHC19 meeting


Letter 29 - Invitation to host MACHC19

Letter 28 - New MACHC Chair

Letter 27 - Changes in the MACHC Chair

Letter 26 - Updated list of actions from MACHC17

Letter 25 - MACHC18 Agenda and Timetable

Letter 24 - Invitacion taller aerofotogrametría (Registration)

Letter 23 - Invitation to MACHC18 Meeting (Registration template / Logistics details / Manual Logístico)

Letter 22 - Invitation to MACHC Seminar on Hydrographic Governance (registration)

Letter 21 - Invitation to Workshop on Data Management

Letter 20 - Invitation to Workshop on Undersea Features

Letter 19 - Invitation to RTK/RTG Bathymetry Course

Letter 18 - Reception of the MACHC Chairmanship

Letter 17 - New Mexican Hydrographer and MACHC Chair

Letter 16 - Invitation to Ms Dawn Seepersad

Letter 15 - Congratulations on outstanding performance of the outgoing Chair

Letter 14 - Reception of the MACHC Chairmanship

Letter 13 - Associate Member Grenada

Letter 12 - Letter to Secretariat - MACHC Chairmanship

Letter 11 - MACHC Chairmanship

Letter 10 - Amended MACHC Statutes

Letter 09 - MSI Course 2017 (Annex A, Annex B, Target Countries)

Letter 08 - Grenada for Associate Membership

Letter 07 - Grenada for Associate Membership

Letter 06 - Letter to Guatemala - Gulf of Honduras

Letter 05 - Letter to Brazil - SOAMAR President

Letter 04 - Letter to Brazil - 4th Naval District Commander

Letter 03 - Letter to Brazil - DHN

Letter 02 - CB Projects for 2018 (Annex A, Annex B, Annex C)

Letter 01 - Performance Indicators 2016 (Annex A, Annex B)


Letter 21 - Comments on PRO3

Letter 20 - Response to PAIGH

Letter 19 - MACHC16 Action List Review

Letter 18 - Invitation to Panama to the MACHC17

Letter 17 - IRCC8 Report to the MACHC

Letter 16 - Draft agenda of the MACHC17

Letter 15 - Invitation to INEGI

Letter 14 - Invitation to Caribbean Marine Atlas

Letter 13 - Offer from Cuba to host MACHC18

Letter 12 - Response to Ecuador

Letter 11 - MACHC Course on MSDI (in Spanish) (Registration Form)

Letter 10 - MACHC Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography (Registration Form)

Letter 09 - MACHC Capacity Building Work Programme 2016-17

Letter 08 - Invitation to MACHC17 (Registration Form)

Letter 07 - Invitation to MSI Course (Annex B)

Letter 06 - Preparation for IRCC8

Letter 05 - Amended MACHC Statutes (Annex)

Letter 04 - Response to Guatemala

Letter 03 - CB Project submission (Annex A - Annex B - Annex C)

Letter 02 - Thanks to Mexico for the support to MACHC16

Letter 01 - Thanks to Antigua and Barbuda for hosting MACHC16


Letter 23 - Procedure for the selection of the MACHC representatives to the IHO Council

Letter 22 - Revision of the MACHC Statutes

Letter 21 - Preparation for MACHC (Yearbook, C-55, National Reports, MSI at National Reports)

Letter 20 - Offer of the Brazilian Hydrographic Office to host MACHC17

Letter 19 - Request for Associate Member from Dominican Republic

Letter 18 - IRCC7 Report to MACHC

Letter 17 - Draft agenda for the MACHC16 (Draft agenda, Meeting form, WG form)

Letter 16 - Invitation CDEMA

Letter 15 - Invitation Phase 1 Skills training (Registration form)

Letter 14 - WEND-based survey on RENC participation

Letter 13 - Invitation MACHC Seminar (Registration form)

Letter 12 - MACHC CB Work Programme 2015-2016

Letter 11 - MACHC CBC Co-coordinator

Letter 10 - CB Project on Multi-beam Collection and Processin (in Spanish)

Letter 09 - Invitation to the 16th MACHC Meeting (Antigua and Barbuda, 7-12 December 2015) (Donwload the registration form)

Letter 08 - MACHC Report to IRCC7

Letter 07 - Invitation to CLIA to attend the MACHC16 Meeting

Letter 06 - Technical Aspects of Maritime Boundaries, Baselines and Ext. Cont. Shelf Workshop (Annex A, Annex B)

Letter 05 - New Chairman

Letter 04 - Handover of Chairmanship

Letter 03 - Handover of Chairmanship

Letter 02 - CB Projects (Annex A, Annexes B and C)

Letter 01 - MACHC Leadership


CL01-Invitation to the Second Mexican Hydrographic Convention

CL02-ITLOS Nippon Programme

CL03-CB Possibilities

CL04-Dates of the 2nd Mexican Hydrographic Conference and MACHC15

CL05-CB Work Programme 2014/2015

CL06-Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography (Annex B - Registration Form)

CL07-Format of National Reports

CL08-Logistics Information (Registration Form)

CL09-Course announcement (Cat A)

CL10-Draft agenda and timetable for MACHC15

CL11-Call for MACHC15 papers


CL01-IALA Questionnaire; Annex (in Word)

CL02-MACHC Chair take over

CL03-Dates and Venue of MACHC14

CL04-Comments on WEND Guidelines

CL05-Website proposal

CL06-Category A Programme

CL07-World Hydrography Day 2013

CL08-Information Regarding MACHC

CL09-Information to countries

CL10-Jamaica 2013 High-Level Symposium

CL11-MACHC14 Meeting

CL12-Stakeholders Day

CL13-National Reports and draft agenda

CL14-Logistics information and registration form for MACHC14 (see also the registration form)


CL01-Special Meeting at IHC

CL02-ECC Report; CL02-2012 ECC Report (Annex)

CL03 EMACHC Meeting; CL03 EMACHC Meeting (Annex)


CL05-MACHC13 Logistics and Registration; CL05-MACHC13 Logistics (Annex A); CL05-MACHC13 Registration (Annex B)

CL06-MEIP Terms of Reference and MACHC12 Actions; Annex A (MEIP Terms of Reference); Annex B (MACHC12 Actions)


CL08-MACHC13 Hydrographic Exhibition; Annex (Exhibition Information)

CL09-MSDI Course; Annex (MSDI Course Registration)

CL10-Timetable for MACHC13


CL01-2011 Dates for MACHC12 ; CL02-2011 Meeting-Travel Information ; CL02-2011 Annex A Logistics ; CL02-2011 Annex B CL03-2011 Call for agenda items


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