North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC)

19th Meeting 
2019 - Muscat, Oman (25-28 March 2019)

Last update: 04 February 2019

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Document Title

NIOHC CL 04/2018 Chair Handover Letter
NIOHC  CL 05/2018 Resolution 2-1997-Input
NIOHC CL 06/2018 Chair Handover + NIOHC19 Meeting Date + Agenda Input + National Reports
NIOHC CL 07/2018 NOIHC Capacity Building Work Programme: Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography  (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 25 March 2019)
NIOHC CL 08/2018 NIOHC Response to IRCC - IHO Resolution 2-1997
NIOHC CL 01/2019

NIOHC input to IHO Circular Letter 10/2019 - CBSC17 and IRCC11

NIOHC 09/2018 Invitation Letter with annexes
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex A NIOHC19 Agenda
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex B NIOHC18 List of Actions
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex C NICCWG List of Actions
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex D Logistics Information
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex E Registration Form (pdf version)
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex E Registration Form (Word version)
NIOHC CL 06/2018 Request for National Reports and Agenda Items
NIOHC 19 National Report Template
NIOHC 19 National Report Presentation Template
NIOHC 19-01a Draft Agenda v2.0
NIOHC 19-01b Programme v1.0
NIOHC 19-01c List of Participants v1.0
NIOHC19-01d Industry Presentation Prgramme
NIOHC 19-02a NIOHC18 Meeting Report
NIOHC 19-02b NIOHC18 NICCWG Meeting Report
NIOHC 19-03 Status of Actions from 18th NIOHC
NIOHC 19-04 NIOHC Statutes
NIOHC 19-05.1 IHO Report (including agenda 5 items)
NIOHC19-05.2 IHO Work Programme 2019
NIOHC19-05.3 Council-2 outcomes
NIOHC19-05.4 HSSC10 Report
NIOHC19-05.5 IRCC10 Report
NIOHC 19-05.6 WENDWG9 Report
NIOHC 19-06a Bangladesh National Report
NIOHC 19-06b Egypt National Report
NIOHC 19-06c India National Report
NIOHC 19-06d Indonesia National Report
NIOHC 19-06e Myanmar National Report
NIOHC 19-06f Pakistan National Report
NIOHC 19-06g Saudi Arabia National Report
NIOHC 19-06h.1 Sri Lanka National Report
NIOHC 19-06h.2 MSI Report
NIOHC 19-06i Thailand National Report
NIOHC 19-06j UK National Report
NIOHC 19-06k Australia National Report
NIOHC 19-06l France National Report
NIOHC 19-06m Oman National Report
NIOHC 19-06n Mauritius National Report
NIOHC 19-06o Seychelles National Report
NIOHC 19-06p USA National Report
NIOHC 19-07.1a NICCWG Report-v1.0
NIOHC 19-07.1a Section NICCWG Report to NIOHC15
NIOHC 19-07.1b ENC Report-GBR
NIOHC 19-07.2.1 CB Review
NIOHC 19-07.2.2 IC-ENC training and CB
NIOHC 19-08.1 IALA WWA Report
NIOHC 19-08.2 GEBCO report
NIOHC 19-09 NAVAREA Coordinator report on MSI and WWNWS
NIOHC 19-10 Data Centricity/e-Navigation
NIOHC 19-11 Maritime Disasters experience
NIOHC 19-12 Crowd-source Bathymetry
NIOHC 19-13 Satellite Derived Bathymetry
NIOHC 19-15 Cat A and Cat B courses
NIOHC 19-18.1 IOC TWMS Report
NIOHC 19-22.1 Draft Minutes (Word version)
NIOHC 19-22.2 Draft List of Actions (Word version)
NIOHC 19 Industry