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ECS PT Terms of Refercence  (as of 7 July 2023)
ECS PT Membership List (as of 16 May 2024)
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Currently the only electronic charting products that meet SOLAS Chart Carriage requirements are ENCs used on an ECDIS (with appropriate backup arrangements) or a paper chart (we are aware there are exceptions to this which the survey will look to capture). This leaves a gap for those vessels wanting to navigate electronically using an ECS or required, by regulation to use ENC when navigating electronically.

Survey to help the IHO ECS Project Team (PT) prioritising ECS navigational requirements.

No. Target Deadline by Survey Result Participant
1 National HO Survey 05 Feb 2024 Link    
2 Regulator Survey 12 Feb 2024 Link    
3 OEMs 05 Apr 2024 Link    
4 End user 31 July 2024 Link    








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