CHUSC42 (2019)

42nd USCHC Meeting
  Biloxi, Mississippi, USA (18 March 2019)
(In conjunction with the 
US Hydrographic Conference)

Post meeting documents:  [Meeting Minutes]  [Actions and Decisions]  [Meeting Photo]

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Document Title


Invitation Letter and Logistical Information 


List if Documents

USCHC42-1 List of Participants
USCHC42-2 Agenda (ver 2)
USCHC42-2A USCHC41 Actions And Decisions
3 Reports
USCHC42-3A National Report - Canada
USCHC42-3B National Report - USA
USCHC42-3C IHO Secretary General (PPT)
4 Actions and Summary Reports
USCHC42-4A Status of Action from USCHC41
USCHC42-4B Status of Action from IRCC10
USCHC42-4C List of Actions and Decisions from IHO Council (C-2)
5 Hydrographic Geospatial Products and Services Committee Report
USCHC42-5A Meeting minutes
USCHC42-5B US and CA Gridded ENC Plans and Implications (ppt)
Re-scheming the ENC Coverage in the Montreal-Windsor Corridor
  - Canada BayIncluding  Y Compris Chimney Bay
  - Milne Inlet Southern Portion
  - Vancouver Harbour Western Portion
6 S-100
USCHC42-6A Next generation services delivery in IHO Region A - S-100WG Update
USCHC42-6B Presentation: CHS-CARIS Teledyne-Primar "Bathymetric Data in the Cloud" project
7 Surveying
USCHC42-7A CHS Near Shore and Arctic Survey Plans 2019-20 (ver 3 - .pptx)
USCHC42-7B CHS Nearshore St Lawrence 2018 Field Report                                             [Presentation]
USCHC42-7C Schedule A Annex 2018 1 Revised Transboundary Survey
8 Unmanned Capabilities Update
USCHC42-8A CA Update on Autonomous Surveying
USCHC42-8B Unmanned Capabilities, Optionally Controlled HSL, PILLS
USCHC42-8C Z-Boat                                                                  [Presentation pdf] [Presentation ppt]
USCHC42-8D Overview of Coast Survey’s Unmanned System Activities & Strategy
9 Personnel Exchange and Capacity Building: 2019
10 Global/Regional Initiatives
USCHC42-10B GGIM Principles
  Other Information Items
USCHC42-12A USCHC Background Summary (from USCHC40 DOC USCHC40-04C)

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