ENCWG VTC (2021)

ENCWG VTC Meetings 2021

Online Meeting

Last update: 17 February 2021

ENCWG VTC 03_ Reports of Sub Working Groups (19 Feb 2021)

12pm - 15pm (CET, UTC+1)

[Meeting Notes (including Decisions and Actions)]

Doc Number Date Title    
    Meeting Link here
ENCWGVTC3-1 19 Feb Agenda and Participants
ENCWGVTC3-2   List of Documents (this page)
ENCWGVTC3-3   Introduction
ENCWGVTC3-4 22 Feb S-52 and S-64 Clarifications, Approval & Publication
ENCWGVTC3-5 22 Feb S-63 Report
ENCWGVTC3-6 17 Feb S-58 Sub-Group Report
    ENCWGVTC3-6A 17 Feb Summary of GitHub Issues (.xls)
    ENCWGVTC3-6B 17 Feb S-58 Edition 7.0.0_Draft_Redline
ENCWGVTC3-7 02 March S-57 to S-101 Report
ENCWGVTC3-8 17 Feb ENC Display Sub-Group


22 Feb



12 Feb

22 Feb

Any Other Business

  a. CIRM S-100 ECDIS workshop (14-15 April)

  b. Date of Next full ENCWG meeting

  c. Election of Officers

  d. HSSC

  e. IC-ENC Discussion Items / Presentation

  f.  DRVAL1 and DRVAL2 for isolated shallow and deep areas


ENCWG VTC 02_S-58 Sub-Group (4 Feb 2021)

Post Meeting Documents:

Doc Number Date Title    
  17 Feb Meeting Notes

ENCWG VTC 01_S-57 to S-101 Conversion (08 Jan 2021)

Post Meeting Documents:

Doc Number Date Title    
  24 Jan Meeting Report

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