MSDIWG10 (2019)

10th MSDIWG Meeting
Busan, Republic of Korea, 4 - 5 March 2019
Followed by the OGC Marine DWG Meeting, 6 March 2019
Followed by the UN-GGIM WGMGI1 Meeting, 7 -9 March 2019 (by invitation only)


Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG10] [List of Actions] [Photographs: MSDIWG10 - OGC Marine DWG - UN-GGIM-WGMGI]
[Invitation Letter] [Logistical Information] [IHO Online Registration] [Template for submission of papers]
MSDIWG10-01A List of Documents (this document)
MSDIWG10-01B List of Participants (Secretariat)
MSDIWG10-01C List of MSDIWG Members and Expert Contributors (Chair)
MSDIWG10-02 rev3 Agenda and Timetable (Chair) Word
MSDIWG10-03A Terms of Reference (Chair)
MSDIWG10-03B Draft amended ToR (Chair) Word full track-changes / clean track-changes
MSDIWG10-04.1A Minutes from MSDIWG9 (Chair) Word
MSDIWG10-04.1B Action Items from MSDIWG9 (Chair)
MSDIWG10-04.2A Review the result and feedback from C-2 (Chair) Word
MSDIWG10-04.2B Review the decisions from IRCC10 (Chair)
MSDIWG10-04.2C Review the actions from C-2, IRCC10 (Chair)
MSDIWG10-04.2D Review the result and feedback from HSSC10 (Chair)
MSDIWG10-04.4 MSDIWG Work Programme 2018-2021 (Chair) Word
MSDIWG10-05 Draft revision of IHO Resolution 2/1997 - RHCs Word
  National Reports
MSDIWG10-06A National Report - Denmark
MSDIWG10-06B National Report - Republic of Korea
MSDIWG10-06C National Report - Brazil
MSDIWG10-06D National Report - Germany
MSDIWG10-06E National Report - Indonesia
MSDIWG10-06F National Report - Italy
MSDIWG10-06G National Report - Netherlands
MSDIWG10-06H National Report - Norway
MSDIWG10-06I National Report - Singapore
MSDIWG10-06J National Report - United States of America
  Regional Reports
MSDIWG10-07A Arctic SDI ( Vice-Chair)
MSDIWG10-07C OGC Marine Domain Working Group
MSDIWG10-07D1 IHO Crowd-sourced Bathymetry (Chair)
MSDIWG10-07D2 IHO Crowd-sourced Bathymetry (Chair)
MSDIWG10-07E IHO DCDB (Secretariat)
MSDIWG10-07F GEBCO Seabed 2030 (Secretariat)
MSDIWG10-07H MBSHC MSDI Activities (Italy)
MSDIWG10-08.2A Identifying the three most important UN Sustainable Development Goals Word
MSDIWG10-08.2B Sustainable Development and Geospatial Information
MSDIWG10-09 IHO-OGC MSDI Concept Development Study (CDS)
MSDIWG10-10A MSDI Teaching Material Presentation
MSDIWG10-10B Fundamentals on MSDI
MSDIWG10-10C Orientation on MSDI
MSDIWG10-10D e-Learning Platform for MSDI Presentation:ATTENTION!!
MSDIWG10-11A Questionnaire on MSDI and MSP Word
MSDIWG10-11.1A Open Geospatial Data
MSDIWG10-11.1B Open European Location Services - Socio-economic benefits
MSDIWG10-11.1C Guidance on data licensing (Chair) Word
MSDIWG10-11.2A Data integrity - MSDIWG to DQWG
MSDIWG10-11.2B Data integrity - DQWG to MSDIWG
MSDIWG10-11.2C S-102 Bathymetry as a Service Presentation
MSDIWG10-11.2D S-121 Developments
MSDIWG10-11.2E S-102 Updates
MSDIWG10-11.3A Options for Sharing, Collaboration and Production Online
MSDIWG10-11.3B References for a Roadmap Template for MSDI
MSDIWG10-11.4 Living Atlas of the World and the Community Maps Program
MSDIWG10-12.1 Maintenance of IHO Publication C-17
MSDIWG10-15 Draft list of actions from MSDIWG10 (during the meeting) Word
MSDIWG10-16 Draft elements for the MSDIWG10 Report Presentation

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