TWCWG6 (2022)

6th Tides, Water Level and Currents Working Group (TWCWG6)
Cape Town, South Africa
??-?? April/May 2022

Post Meeting Documents: [Report] - [Photo]

Last updated:  13 avril 2021

Doc Number Title     Date
TWCWG6 Letter 1  Letter of Invitation  
TWCWG6 Annex A TWCWG6 Registration (Word version)  
TWCWG6 Annex A TWCWG6 Registration (pdf version)  
TWCWG6 Annex B Logistic Information  
TWCWG6-2.1 Agenda v1.0 13 April 2022
TWCWG6-2.2 Programme v1.0  
TWCWG6-2.3.1 TWCWG Report to HSSC13  
TWCWG6-2.3.2 TWCWG Presentation to HSSC13  
TWCWG6-2.3.3 Outcomes and Actions from HSSC13  
TWCWG6-2.5 TWCWG5-List of Actions and Decisions updated 13 April 2021 13 April 2021
TWCWG6-4.1 S-104 Edition 0.0.8 - Track Change version  
TWCWG6-4.1 S-104 Edition 0.0.8 - Clean version  
TWCWG6-4.2 S-111 Edition 1.1.1 - Track Change version  
TWCWG6-6.1 IHO Resolutions  
TWCWG6-6.2 Relevant IHO Charting Specifications  
TWCWG6-6.2 Annex B S4 B-131  
TWCWG6-6.2 Annex C S4 B-302  
TWCWG6-6.2 Annex D S4 B-380  
TWCWG6-6.2 Annexes E-H S4 B-405 to B-408  
TWCWG6-6.2 Annex I S-4 B-496  
TWCWG6-8.1 Proposal on the development of Chinese version of CB course  
TWCWG6-10.1 TWCWG Work Plan 2022-2023  
TWCWG6-10.2 TWCWG ToR 13 April 2021
TWCWG6-11.1 TWCWG7 - Draft Agenda  
TWCWG6-11.2 Outcomes Chair meeting presentation  
TWCWG6-Participants List of Participants  


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