ABLOS30 (2023)

ABLOS29 Business Meeting 

IHO Secretariat, Monaco + VTC

10 & 13 October 2023

The 11th ABLOS Conference will be held 11-12 October 2023, @ IHO Secretariat, Monaco.

The latest information will be available on the dedicated conference website


Post Meeting Documents: [Report] - [Photo]

Last updated:   10 October 2023

Doc Number Title
ABLOS30 Invitation - Online Registration
ABLOS30-4 Draft Agenda - Programme
ABLOS30-5.1 ABLOS BM29 Draft Minutes 
ABLOS30-5.2.1 ABLOS Report to HSSC15
ABLOS30-5.2.2 ABLOS Report to HSSC15 presentation
ABLOS30-5.2.3 Outcomes of HSSC15
ABLOS30-6 ABLOS BM29 List of Actions 
ABLOS30-7.2 Current ABLOS membership status
ABLOS30-8.4.1 ABLOS Conference Fund Guidelines
ABLOS30-8.4 ABLOS Fund Status
ABLOS30-13 Work Plan 2023-2024
ABLOS30-16 Draft Agenda BM31
ABLOS30-List of Participants List of Participants


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