S-102PT9 (2022)

9th meeting of S-102 Bathymetric Surface Project Team (S-102PT9)

Online Meeting 

29 - 30 August 2022 (13:00 to 17:00, UTC+2)

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes and Actions] - [Meeting Photo] 

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Logistic information for VTC

  • The online meeting link will be provided by email closer to the first day of the meeting. Please contact to Chair and/or IHO sec(Yong BAEK) if you do not receive it.
    List of Documents (this page)
    List of Participants
S-102PT9-1 26Aug Draft Agenda (.doc)
S-102PT9-1.1 26Aug Review summary of response to impact study
S-102PT9-1.2 26Aug Review relevant meeting notes, decisions, and actions as regards the Product Specification
S-102 GitHub Repository
S-102PT9-2   BSH proposal present
Definition of data types used in S-102
  • Significant discussion has been ongoing on better defining data types to be used in S-102
NOAA proposals to update S-100 Part 10c
  • Proposing to enable the inclusion of a raster attribution table within the HDF5 format.
S-102PT9-5.1   Progress update on S-102 Feature Catalogue
S-102PT9-6   Testbed reports
S-102PT9-7 26Aug Review of S-100 Roadmap
S-102PT9-8   Next edition development
S-102PT9-9   Next meeting (date and venue)

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