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PS Responsibility Host Resource Link Remarks
S-100 S-100WG BaseCamp TestBed  
Place to be discussed the results of S-100WG TestBed activities and shared related tools.  
Github S-100WG Github Plan to migrate to IHO Github.
Resource for open issues from meetings, schemas and UML Diagrams
Github S-100WG
Repository of S-100 Schemas (ed.3 and ed.4)
Github S100UML
S100 UML Models S100 utilizes Enterprise Architect to manage its repository of UML Models. The models for used for implementation of S100 and describe constructs contained within S-100.

The models in this repository have been baselined against S-100 Edition 4.0.0 The models in this repository have been baselined against S-100 Edition 3.0.0.
KHOA Github khoa S100 viewer  
KHOA S-100 viewer that complies with the IHO S-100 standard. This repository is a place to be shared with the latest software and discussion about testing activity.  
S-101 S-101PT Github Documentation and FC  
This repository will be used to store documents and create issues for the DCEG Sub-Group under the S-101PT  
Github S-101 Test DataSets  
The repository is used to register issues related to generate, validate and test datasets.  
Github S-101 Portrayal Catalogue  
S-101 Portrayal Catalogue development, discussion, and review  
Github S-101 Portrayal subWG  
This focus group was set at S101PT5 (September 2020) to review and agree proposed changes to the S-101 Portrayal Catalogue and to record and manage ECDIS Performance requirements. An Issue has been created for each discussion item. Please, in order to have an agile and productive meeting, take time to review and consolidate your organization's position in advance. Comments against each issue will be used to kick off the conversations.  
S-57 ENCWG Github ENCWG  
The repository is used to register the work of the ENC Display Sub-Group.

One issue will be created for each item identified by the Display Sub-Group. The issues will be discussed and finally transfered to the ad hoc IHO Working Group before being closed.
S-57/S-101 ENCWG Github S-57 to S-101 conversion SubWG  
A collection of resources relating to the process of migrating from S-57 production to S-101 production and the specifics of how the process of conversion should take place.  
S-58 Github ENCWG S58 ENC Validation Checks  
This Project was set up after ENCWG5 to review and agree proposed changes to S-58 edition 6.1.0

An Issue has been created for each proposed change to S-58 Edition 6.1. Please review each issue and indicate if you agree or disagree with the proposed change.
S-122, S-123, S-125, S-126, S-127, S-128, S-131 NIPWG WIKI NIPWG WIKI  
This wiki is being used to support NIPWG working groups. Non NIPWG members e.g. other IHO working group members, marine experts, OEM personnel may contribute if authorised by NIPWG Chair or Vice- Chair  
IHO Homepage NIPWG Product Specifications  
A webpage to be listed with NIPWG S-100 based Product Specifications  
S-104, S-111 TWCWG IHO Homepage TWCWG Miscellaneous  
A webpage to be listed with TWCWG S-100 based Product Specifications  
    GI Registry Test Bed in the GI Registry  
    The IHO Geospatial Information Registry Test Bed details the latest 'development' versions of S-104 and S-111 which should be referred to over and above those versions accessible via the TWCWG Miscellaneous webpage   


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