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Terms of Reference  
List of the WG Members  6 June 2023

S-100 Change Proposal Form_Rev1 (.doc)

S-100WG Project Teams are advised to adapt this generic S-1XX Change Proposal Form (.doc) in order to manage the submission process of proposals for changes to S-1XX Product Specifications.

Instructions for the Submission of Reports and Proposals  
IHO Github repository for S-100 projects  
Link to the IHO Geospatial Information (GI) Registry  
S-100 EDition 5.0.0 for submission to HSSC14  [Redline] [Clean] March 2022
S-100 Edition 5.0.0 Change Proposals Log  23 March 2022


S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) Letters
S-100WG Letters - 2023: L1/2023 - S-100TSM9 summary and updates to HSSC(comment form)
S-100WG Letters - 2022: L1/2022  - S-100WG updates, L2/2022 - S-100WG7 meeting announcement

S-100WG Letters - 2021: L1/2021 - TSM8 AgendaL2/2021 - Call for S-102PT chairL3/2021 - TSM8 and UpdatesL4/2021 - S-102 Impact

S-100WG Letters - 2020: L5/2020L4/2020L3/2020L2/2020L1/2020
S-100WG Letters - 2019: L4/2019, L3/2019, L2/2019L1/2019

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