S1OOP Project Team

Chair: Vacant 
Vice-Chair:  Vacant
Secretary: Mr. Yong BAEK (IHO Secretariat)


The S-100 Open Online Platform (S-1OOP)
  • A virtual/online S-100 test bed to accelerate wider adoption of the S-100 hydrographic framework by joint development 
  • To share the required building blocks to the public to overcome any technical difficulties for S-100 implementation.
Key Goals
  • Share S-100 components, TDS and info. required to construct S-100 ecosystem
  • Exchange experience and best practice results with S-100 production processes for data producers
  • Enhance navigation, discovery and search of S-100 standards and technical guidelines for stakeholders
  • Promote development of open-source software and application models to implement the S-100 World
  • Publicize the benefits and effects of the transition to the S-100 World

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Last modified: 02/04/2024 - 13:33