CHRA8 (2018)

8th ARHC Conference 
11 - 13 September 2018 (Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway ) 

            Invitation Letter - Logistic Information - Registration Form ( .doc  )

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes] - [List of Actions: . doc , .pdf ] -  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo ]
Presentations Open Forum (.zip:) - Video Message of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (link:)
Presentations Conference ( .zip: )
Document No
Document Title
    12 Sep Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this file)
ARHC8-A1 8 Sep List of Participants (Conference, Open Forum)
ARHC8-A2   Draft Programme
ARHC8-A3 8 Sep

8 Sep
Draft Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )

Open Forum: Improving Marine Knowledge in the Arctic
ARHC8-A4a 30 Jan 2018 ARHC7 Final Minutes
ARHC8-A4b   Status of ARHC7 List of Actions
ARHC8-B1 21 Aug 2018 IHO Secretariat Report
ARHC8-B2 4 Sep National Report, Canada
Canadian Armed Forces National Presentation
ARHC8-B3 31 Aug National Report, Denmark
ARHC8-B4 31 Aug National Report, Norway
ARHC8-B5 10 Sep National Report, Russian Federation
ARHC8-B6 6 Sep National Report, USA
ARHC8-B7 30 Aug National Report, Finland
ARHC8-B8 20 Aug National Report, Iceland
ARHC8-B9 6 Sep National Report, Italy
ARHC8-B10 30 Aug Contribution to the preparation of the IHO Council
- Discussion on IHO Resolution 2/1997. See Annex B to Doc C2-4.2 and Red Book
ARHC8-B10c 8 Sep Actions from IRCC10 Draft Report dealing with RHCs ( .doc )
ARHC8-C1a 8 Sep Report of the Operational and Technology Working Group
Arctic Hydrographic Adequacy – an Update
Interactive Web Map:ATTENTION!!
ARHC8-C1c 31 Aug U.S. Studies on Anthropogenic Noise, Shipping, Impact on Marine Mammals, and Future Management in the Arctic Region
ARHC8-C2 Rev1 3 Sep Report of the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG)
- AICCWG Report
- AICCWG Presentation
- Arctic Nautical Charting Plan
ARHC8-C2b 14 Aug 2018 Progress on the Resolution of Overlapping ENC Coverage
in the Bering and Chukchi Seas
ARHC8-C2c 23 Aug 2018 ARHC Report of the WENDWG
ARHC8-C4   Outreach - Arctic Council/PAME/ARHC Report
ARHC8-D1a 8 Sep ARMSDIWG Report
- ARHC Logo Options
- ARMSDIWG TORs updated Sep 2018
- DRAFT Arctic SDI and ARMSDIWG Joint Statement of Intent
ARHC8-D1b 31 Aug IHO MSDIWG Report to ARHC
ARHC8-D2   Data policy, Crowd-sourced bathymetry
ARHC8-D3   Crowd Source Bathymetry, our contribution to Seabed 2030
ARHC8-D4 6 Sep Marine Spatial Management tool
ARHC8-D6   Outreach-Arctic Council WG’s
ARHC8-D6a 31 Aug Proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Arctic Council’s Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group (PAME)
ARHC8-D7 31 Aug IHO-EU Working Group Report by DK to ARHC
ARHC8-D8   Coordination and liaison
ARHC8-D9   Capacity building
ARHC8-E1 6 Sep UKHO Application for ARHC Associate Membership
     Open Forum

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