CHRA9 (2019)

9th ARHC Conference
17 - 19 September 2019 (Murmansk, Russian Federation)

Invitation Letter - Logistic Information - Registration Form v2 ( .doc  )

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes] - [List of Actions: . doc , .pdf ] -  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo

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    -- Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this html:ATTENTION!! file)
ARHC9-A1 12 Sept List of Participants
ARHC9-A3 v2 15 Sept Preliminary Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
ARHC9-A4a 2 Apr ARHC8 Final Minutes
ARHC9-A4b 14 Sept Status of ARHC8 List of Actions ( .doc )
ARHC9-A4b1 13 Sept Follow-up Action ARHC8/23: Amendments to the Statutes ( .doc )
ARHC9-B1 6 Sept IHO Secretariat Report
ARHC9-B4.1 10 Sept

17 Sept
National Report, Canada
Canadian Armed Forces National
ARHC9-B4.2 6 Sept National Report, Denmark
ARHC9-B4.3 9 Sept
1 Oct
National Report, Norway
Presentation New Hydrographic Infrastructure
Presentation S-100 Developments
ARHC9-B5 13 Sept National Report, Russian Federation
ARHC9-B4.5 10 Sept
15 Sept
National Report, USA
ARHC9-B4.5a INF 13 Sept “A Ten-Year Projection Of Maritime Activity In The U.S. Arctic Region, 2020—2030” Executive Summary
ARHC9-B4.6 9 Sept National Report, Finland
ARHC9-B4.7 10 Sept National Report, Iceland
ARHC9-B4.8 Rev1 10 Sept/13 Sept National Report, Italy
ARHC9-C1 14 Sept
15 Sept
OTWG Report
ARHC9-C1a v2 18 Sept Arctic Hydrography Adequacy by Canada
ARHC9-C1.2 15 Sept Overview of Coast Survey’s Unmanned System Activities & Strategy
ARHC9-C2 16 Aug Report of the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG)
- AICCWG Report ( .doc )
- AICCWG Presentation

6 Sept

Report of IHO-EU Network
ARHC9-D1a 10 Sept Report of the ARMSDIWG
ARHC9-D1b 6 Sept Report of the IHO MSDIWG
ARHC9-D1c 13 Sept ARHC Ambition Plan towards Effective Cooperation with Arctic SDI
ARHC9-D1.2 1 Oct Marine Spatial Management Tool
ARHC9-D1.3 13 Sept Report on IHO MSDIWG
ARHC9-D2 1 Oct Crowdsourced Bathymetry
ARHC9-D3 17 Sept
1 Oct
IHO DCDB Letter dated 16 September
ARHC9-D5.1 19 Aug

13 Sept
Update on the development of a draft MOU between PAME and the ARHC ( .doc )

PAME II-2019 Report (10-12 September 2019,
Reykjavik, Iceland)
ARHC9-D5.2 11 Sept Engagement and Opportunities engaging with the PAME
Annex: Report of the 3rd Arctic Shipping Best Practices Information Forum
ARHC9-D9.1 15 Sept Sunset of NOAA Raster Chart Production
 ARHC9-F.1 9 Sept Intelligent Fairway Project
ARHC9-E.1 15 Sept The Case for UK Associate Member Status to the ARHC
 ARHC9-H 4 Sept Proposal for dates and venue of ARHC-10

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