S-101PT7 (2021)

7th S-101 Electronic Navigational Chart Project Team (S-101PT7)

Online Meeting
18 May 2021 (12:00 to 15:00 CEST) (10:00 to 13:00 UTC)

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Post Meeting Documents: [S-101PT7 Minutes] - [Actions] - [Meeting Photo]
The previous S-101PT meeting documents are available here

Doc Number Date Title    
  12May Introduction Logistics
  12May Invitation to Participate
S-101PT7-01   List of Documents (this page)
S-101PT7-01A (Ver 2) 18May List of Participants
S-101PT7-02 (Ver2) 14May Agenda (including Meeting Link)
S-101PT7-03 18May HSSC13 Outcomes                                       [Presentation]
S-101PT7-04 12May S-101PT6 Report
S-101PT7-05 Rev1 18May S-101PT Actions (at 18 May 2021) (.xls)
S-101PT7-06   S-101 DCEG Update
    S-101PT7-06.1A 12May DCEG Draft Edition 1.0.2 [Redline]  [Clean]
    S-101PT7-06.1B 12May DCEG Draft Edition 1.0.1 Change Control Log (.xls)
S-101PT7-07   S-101 Portrayal Update                                                                                     
S-101PT7-08 18May S-101 Validation Update (.xls)
S-101PT7-09 18May S-101PT Work Plan                                      [Presentation]
S-101PT7-10 18May S-101 Roadmap                                           [Presentation]
S-101PT7-11   S-101 Issues Log (.xls)
S-101PT7-12 Rev1 18May Modify TextPlacement to Support Bearing/Distance                                                                                                [Presentation]
S-101PT7-30   Any Other Business

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