S-129PT4 (2019)

4th meeting of S-129 UKCM Project Team 

26 September 2019 / Monaco

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes and Actions] - [Meeting Photo] 

Doc Number Title Date
S-129PT4-1 Welcome and introductions  
S-129PT4-2 Acceptance of the agenda  
S-129PT4-3 Summary of testing and testing opportunities to date  
S-129PT4-4 Practicalities and specifics for testing  
S-129PT4-5 Presentation from OMC and Primar with OMC on a test case for S-129  
S-129PT4-6 KHOA topics  
S-129PT4-7 How to deal with "not assessed" areas of waterways  
S-129PT4-8 Security and encryption requirements and methologies  
S-129PT4-9 UKCM service specification documentation  
S-129PT4-10 AOB  
S-129PT4-11 Next meeting  

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