S-129PT8 (2023)

8th meeting of S-129 UKCM Project Team 

27 July 2023 / VTC

Post Meeting Documents: [draft Minutes]  

Doc Number Date Title Remark
S-129PT8-1   Draft Agenda  
S-129PT8-2.1   Review action items from previous meeting  

Update on S-129 Edition 1.1.0 PS

S-129PT8-2.3   Test dataset "screeplay"  
S-129PT8-2.4   DataCoverage feature  
S-129PT8-3.1 27Jul2023 Presentation use case of IHO S-129  
S-129PT8-3.2   Other business  
S-129PT8-3.3   Review of Work plan for 2023  
S-129PT8-3.4   Next meeting  

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