TSM7 (2019)

7th Test Strategy Meeting IHO Secretariat
Monac - (23 - 26 Sept 2019)

S-100 TSM Meeting

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  See S-129 Meeting Documents  
TSM7-1A List of Documents (This page)  
TSM7-1B List of Participants  
TSM7-2A Agenda rev 14  
TSM7-2B Status of actions from TSM6  
TSM7-4.1 Front of Bridge / Back of Bridge  (03 Sept 2019) Presentation
TSM7-4.1A AHO Comments to paper TSM7-4.1  (20 Sept 2019) Presentation
TSM7-4.2 Architectural vision of S-100 products in S-98 (HSSC11-04.8A) Presentation
TSM7-4.3 Architectural display of S-100 related products rev 3 (25 Sept 2019) Presentation
TSM7-4.4 KHOA Portrayal Study (S-101PT4) Presentation
TSM7-4.5 Portrayal Harmonization in S-98  
TSM7-4.7 S-98 Interoperability Scopes (ver 2)  (19 Sept 2019) Presentation
TSM7-4.8 Interoperability of S-100 products and ECDIS  (30 Aug 2019) Presentation
TSM7-4.9 Interoperability functional principles - overview white paper (.docx)  
TSM7-4.10 Interoperability Analysis  
TSM7-5.1 S-101 Display Scale - NOAA Presentation
TSM7-5.2 Alerts and Indications Presentation
 - TSM7-5.2A Alerts Part9 - Changes to 4.1.0 Draft Redline (.zip file includes .doc and .docx)  
 - TSM7-5.2B Alerts Part 9a - Changes to 4.1.0 Draft Redline (.zip file includes .doc and .docx)  
 - TSM7-5.2C Alerts - Schema Files (.zip)  
TSM7-5.3 Various S-100 Change Requests  
 - TSM7-5.3A Proposal - Display Planes Container Name  
 - TSM7-5.3B Proposal - Coverage Fill Colour Interpolation  
 - TSM7-5.3C Proposal - Misc 9a Corrections rev1  |  Redline document rev1 (.docx)  
 - TSM7-5.3D Proposal - Misc 13 Corrections (rev 1) |  Redline document (rev 1) (.docx)  
 - TSM7-5.3E Proposal - Remove Redundant Schema  
 - TSM7-5.3F Proposal - Update 9-7.2 InterpolationType  
 - TSM7-5.3G Proposal - Update Text Point  
TSM7-5.4A Capability Gaps in the S100 Portrayal Model Presentation
 - TSM7-5.4B Proposed Changes to Part 9 - Draft Redline   
 - TSM7-5.4C Proposed Changes to Part 9a - Draft Redline  
TSM7-5.5 Data Quality Presentation
TSM7-5.6 Inconsistencies relating to HDF5 Implementation  
TSM7-5.7 Machine Readability of Display Plane Ordering Presentation
TSM7-5.8 Validation of Portrayal Inputs Presentation
TSM7-5.9 Issues with the Part 9-7 Data Input Schema Presentation
TSM7-5.10 Miscellaneous Revisions  |  List of  Miscellaneous Revisions (rev2) (.xlsx) (25 Sept 2019)  
TSM7-5.11 Proposed Corrections S-100 Metadata  
TSM7-5.12 Exchange catalogue multiple products structure Presentation
TSM7-5.13 S-1xx and Cancellation Strategies  
TSM7-5.14A Proposal - Scope Comprising Parts  
TSM7-5.14B Proposal - Scope Remove Annex 1  
TSM7-5.14C Proposal - Appendix 2a-A  
TSM7-5.14D Proposal - Appendix 4a-D – Catalogue Identifier  
TSM7-5.14E Proposal - Appendix 4a-D - Appendix 4a-D filePath  
TSM7-5.14F Proposal - Appendix 4a-D S100 Protection Scheme  
TSM7-5.15 S-100 Part 15 Enhancements  
TSM7-5.16 Signature and Certificate Presentation
TSM7-5.17 Potential Changes to S-100 HDF5 for S-104 Presentation
TSM7-5.18 Proposal - Miscellaneous Edits  
TSM7-5.19 Gap analysis for S-100 Exchange set model  
TSM7-6.1 KHOA Sea Trial Projects  
TSM7-6.2 Test Bed Project - Viewer Update  
TSM7-6.3 S-100 Interoperability Catalogue  
TSM7-7.1A S-100 and the IMO Performance Standard  
TSM7-7.1B SOLAS Complience for S-100 Products  
TSM7-7.2A MRN Guidance  
TSM7-7.2B MRN Guidance Draft - Annex A  
TSM7-7.3 IEHG Questions  
TSM7-7.4 Establishment of Codelist Register   (29 Aug 2019)  
TSM7-7.5 S-100 Showcase Presentation  
TSM7-7.6 Quality of Bathymetric Data and ECDIS Performance  
TSM7-7.7 Creation of S-122 for German waters  
TSM7-7.8 Visualization of Quality of Bathymetric Data (20 Sept 19) Presentation
TSM7-7.9 Report on S-124 CG Presentation
TSM7-7.10 Report on S-111 Presentation

S-129 Project Team Meeting Document

1 Agenda (Ver 1)  


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