S-100WG4 (2019)

5th S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) Meeting
 Taunton, UK (3 to 6 March 2020)

Post Meeting Documents: [S-100WG5 Draft Minutes] - [Draft Actions] - [S-100WG5 Photo]

Doc Number Date Title    
    Meeting Announcement (S-100WG Letter 4)
  28Jan Logistics InformatioN
  28Feb Additional Meeting Information  (UKHO - S-100WG Letter 2/2020) and (Dinner Reservation Form - please refer to Letter 2/2020),  Advisory Email on COVID-19 (28-Feb)
    Registration Closed
Opening and Administrative Arrangements
S-100WG5-1.1   List of Documents (this page)
S-100WG5-1.2   List of Participants
S-100WG5-1.3   S-100WG and PT Terms of Reference - S-101  S-102  S-121   S-129  [HSSC Template]
Approval of Agenda
S-100WG5-02.1 24Feb Draft Agenda
Matters Arising and HSSC Working Group Reports
S-100WG5-03.1 30Jan S-100WG4 Minutes
S-100WG5-03.2 30Jan

Review of S-100WG4 Actions (from WG3 and WG4)

TSM 7 Actions (.xls)

S-100WG5-03.3 30Jan HSSC11 Report to C3 and HSSC Work Plan
S-100WG5-03.4 30Jan HSSC Actions
S-100WG5-03.5 09Mar ENCWG Report
S-100WG5-03.6 09Mar NCWG Report
S-100WG5-03.7   NIPWG Report
S-100WG5-03.8A 09Mar DQWG Report                                                (Presentation) 
S-100WG5-03.8B 25Feb QoBD and ECDIS Performance                     (Presentation)
S-100WG5-03.9 25Feb Report from WWNWS-SC/S-124PT   (see also 8.5)
S-100 Proposals
S-100WG5-04.1A 20Dec Liaison Note: Draft Guideline on Web Services - Based on S-100
S-100WG5-04.1B 20Dec Draft Guideline on Web Services - based on S-100
S-100WG5-04.2 06Jan Allocation of S-100 Product Specification Number
S-100WG5-04.3 09Mar Uncertainty Zones Ver 1                                (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.4 29Jan Machine Readability of Display Plane Ordering
S-100WG5-04.5 29Jan Alerts and Indications  (S-100 Part 9, 9a redline docs)
(See S100WG5-6.3)
S-100WG5-04.6A 10Mar Change Proposal to the S-100 FC Model      (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.6B 29Jan Change Proposal Form - S-100 FC Model
S-100WG5-04.7 09Mar Inclusion of Cancellation Guidance  (Presentation Items 4.7 to 4.9)
S-100WG5-04.8 30Jan S-100 and Product Specifications Versions Availability
S-100WG5-04.9A 30Jan S-100 Part 4 Metadata Review
S-100WG5-04.9B 30Jan S-100 Metadata Review Proposals 1-13
S-100WG5-04.10 20Feb S-100 Proposal - Part 13 Redline update (.zip) [Ver 2]
[See also TSM7-5.3)]
S-100WG5-04.11 4Mar S-100 Portrayal Capability Gaps Proposal - rev 1(proposal TSM5.4)
Draft Redline Documents (.zip)
S-100WG5-04.12 1Feb S-100 Proposal changes to Input Schema (proposal and redline document .zip)
S-100WG5-04.13A 17Feb S-100 Proposed Miscellaneous Revisions (from TSM7-5.10)
S-100WG5-04.13B 17Feb S-100 Miscellaneous Revisions (.xlsx)
S-100WG5-04.14 11Feb Proposed Change to Part 10c CRS              (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.15A 09Mar Validation checks for HDF5 and GML Data Products  (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.15B 17Feb Validation Checks - Terms, Syntax, Operations
S-100WG5-04.15C 17Feb Validation Checks – Examples (.xls)
S-100WG5-04.16A 18Feb Proposal to add S-100 Compliancy Categories
S-100WG5-04.16B 18Feb S-100 Compliancy Categories - Proposal Form
S-100WG5-04.17 09Mar Real-time data in S-100                                 (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.18A 09Mar Proposal Extension to Part 10c - Ver 1          (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.18B 20Feb Proposal Clarification to Part 10c - Ver 1
S-100WG5-04.18C 20Feb Part 10c Redline  (Word) - Ver 1                    (Presentation)
S-100WG5-04.19 21Feb Part 15 Clarification
S-100WG5-04.20 09Mar HDF5 File families                            (Presentation Items 4.20 to 4.22)
S-100WG5-04.21 26Feb Gridded data and HDF5 Format - data offset
S-100WG5-04.22 26Feb S-100 Proposal  Part 15 - Clarification
S-98 Interoperability Specification
S-100WG5-05.1A 09Mar S-98 Interoperability - The Way Forward       (Presentation)
S-100WG5-05.1B 12Feb S-100 Part 16 and S-98  - draft documents (.zip)
S-100WG5-05.1C 14Feb Interoperability Schemas and Sample (.zip)
S-100WG5-05.1D 17Feb Portrayal Harmonization for S-100 Products (.docx)  (Rev 1)     (Presentation)
S-100 General Topics
S-100WG5-06.1 10Mar Progress Report on S-100 Infra-System Development      (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.2 10Mar S-100 Test Bed Platform                               (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.3 30Jan Portrayal Catalogue Builder - User Stories   (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.4 09Mar S-97 Readability Edits (.zip)                          (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.5 30Jan MRN Information
S-100WG5-06.6 30Jan Status of S-100 Part 8 (Imagery and Gridded Data)
S-100WG5-06.7 10Mar Gap Analysis for the S-100 Exchange Set Model      (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.8 19Feb Waterway Harmonization as it relates to MSI and MS
S-100WG5-06.9 10Mar S-100 Open Online Platform (S-1OOP)         (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.10 10Mar S-100 Test Data Set                                       (Presentation)
S-100WG5-06.11 26Feb Validation schema Review S-122, S-123 and S-127
S-100WG5-06.12 27Feb Comments on DQWG Review of S-122, S-123, and S-127 (Rev 1)
S-101 Strategic Topics
S-100WG5-07.1 17Feb S-100 Implementation Strategy                     (Presentation)
S-100WG5-07.2 17Feb Risk Assessment of Dual Fuel Mode
S-100WG5-07.3A 09Mar S-100 Gap Analysis for Type Approval (Cover Paper)     (Presentation)
S-100WG5-07.3B 10Feb S-100 Gap Analysis for Type Approval (Analysis document)
S-100WG5-07.4 10Feb S100 ECDIS’ Performance Standard, Type Approval and Operational Expectations (Ver 2)
S-100WG5-07.5 09Mar S-57 / S-100 Dual-Fuel ECDIS                     (Presentation)
S-100WG5-07.6 11Feb Conversion of M_QUAL/CATZOC to S-101
S-100 Project Team Reports and Proposals
S-100WG5-08.4 28Feb S-101 Report
S-100WG5-08.5 25Feb S-124PT Report (see 3.9)
S-100 Test Bed Reports
S-100WG5-09.1 6Feb S-100 NIWC Test Bed Report (Ver3)
S-100WG5-09.2 10Mar

KHOA Test Bed Report                                 (Presentation)

LUA Portrayal Catalogue Validation (KHOA)

S-100WG5-10.1   ISO
S-100WG5-10.2   OGC
S-100WG5-10.3 09Mar IEC Report                                                    (Presentation)
S-100WG5-10.4   IEHG
S-100WG5-10.5 09Mar WMO-JCOM
Any Other Business
S-100WG5-11.1 09Mar Malacca and Singapore Strait S-100 Project
S-100WG5-11.2 10Mar S-100 Summary Presentation (Chair)


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