TSM8 (2020)

8th Test Strategy Meeting
VTC meeting - (2-4 March 2021)


Last update: 13 Jan.2021

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Minutes] - [Draft Actions] - [Meeting Photo]

Doc Number Date Title    
    Logistics Information and Registration
1. Opening and Administrative Arrangements
TSM8-1A   List of Documents (this page)
TSM8-1B   List of Participants
2. Approval of Joint Agenda
TSM8-2A 13Jan Agenda
TSM8-2B   Actions from previous TSM Meeting
3. Matters Arising
4. S-98 Interoperability / S-100 Part16
TSM8-4.1 12Jan S-98 comments Adjudication - Comments
TSM8-4.2 12Jan S-98 Redline
TSM8-4.3 12Jan S-100 Part 16 Comments
TSM8-4.4 12Jan S-100 Part 16 Redline
5. S-100 Dual Fuel ECDIS
TSM8-5.1   DF - ECDIS Discussion
6. S-100 Proposals
TSM8-6.1   S-100 Metadata Update(Redline, CG group first round of comments)
TSM8-6.2   S-100 Units of Measure
9. Review of Meeting Actions
10. Date and Venue of Next Meeting
11. Close of Meeting


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