5th NCWG Meeting
Stockholm, Sweden, 5-8 November 2019


Workshop for Charting Regions Coordinators ( 4 November 2019, afternoon)


Post Meeting Documents:  [Final Report:  .doc , .pdf ] [Group Photo] [Bulletin Report ]

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NCWG Letter 02/2019 including Logistic Information for NCWG-5 only

Logistic information for Workshop
of  Charting Regions Coordinators

Please register to the NCWG-5 meeting and / or the Workshop for ENC / INT Charts Coordinators through

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List of Documents (this html page)

Documents in support of the workshop of Charting Regions Coordinators are at the bottom of this page
  NCWG-5 Meeting


List of Meeting Participants

List of Workshop Participants

The Lists of Participants are kept up-to-date and available on the IHO on-line registration system

NCWG5-01C List of NCWG Members

NCWG5-02A v1.4

Agenda  ( .doc , .pdf ) and Timetable ( .doc, .pdf )

NCWG5-03A Status of Actions from NCWG4 ( .doc )
NCWG5-04.1A Notes from HSSC11
NCWG5-04.2A Actions from HSSC11
NCWG5-04.3A Report from S-100WG - Presentation
NCWG5-04.4A Report from ENCWG - Presentation
NCWG5-04.5A Report from NIPWG - Presentation
NCWG5-04.6A Report from DQWG - Presentation
NCWG5-04.6B Using data quality for safe navigation
NCWG5-05.1A Review of Terms of Reference and Detailed Procedures
 NCWG5-05.2A Work Plan: Summary of progress, items completed ( .doc )
NCWG5-06.1A Finalizing the Future of the Paper Nautical Chart - Presentation Part 1. Part 2
NCWG5-06.1B Future of Paper Chart: Management Plan - Presentation
NCWG5-06.1C Rev1 Results of the Future  of the Future of the Paper Nautical Chart Survey of IHO Member States - Presentation
NCWG5-06.1D Discussion on the Future of the Paper Nautical Chart from another perspective
NCWG5-06.2A Future of S-4
NCWG5-06.3A Protocol for considering portrayal requirements
NCWG5-06.4A Proposal to update limit between Charting Region D and Charting Region E to S-4.A-204.8
NCWG5-06.6A Distinction between obstructions and foul grounds
NCWG5-06.8A Rev 1 Recommendation to add emergency contact details to charts
NCWG5-06.10A Symbols for Wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) Craft
NCWG5-06.11A Traffic Separation Scheme in The Indonesia Archipelagic Sea Lane and Recommended Direction of Traffic Flow Portrayal
NCWG5-06.12A Guidelines for coloured CATZOC diagrams
NCWG5-07.1A Report of INT1 subWG
NCWG5-07.2A Future options for INT1
NCWG5-09.2A Portrayal Harmonization
NCWG5-09.3A S-67 Mariner’s Guide to Accuracy of Depth Information in Electronic Navigational Charts ( .doc )
NCWG5-12.1 INF Definition of exceptional circumstances to chart unexploded ordnance
NCWG5-12.2 INF UKHO’s omission of detail program
NCWG5-12.3 INF ICA Marine Cartography Commission
NCWG5-12.4 INF IBSC for Nautical Cartographers
NCWG5-12.5A INF US Plans for Future of NOAA Paper Charts
NCWG5-12.5B INF NOAA Custom Chart Web Application
NCWG5-12.6 INF Paper Charts from ENCs – The need for a new standard
NCWG5-12.7 KHOA S-100 Portrayal Harmonization Project
NCWG5-12.8 INF Depiction of areas of Seaweed Cultivation
  Workshop for Charting Regions Coordinators
WorkshopNCWG5-02A v1.1 Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
WorkshopNCWG5-03A  = Doc. NCWG2Workshop-03A
WorkshopNCWG5-04A  Region XX Charting Coordination Self-assessment Template ( .ppt )
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_A&B Region A&B
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_E Region E
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_F&G Region F&G
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_J Region J
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_K Region K
WorkshopNCWG5-04A_M Region M
WorkshopNCWG5-05A INToGIS II Presentation ver.3
User Manuel ver 3.0.0
Manager Manual ver. 3.0.0

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