S-100 based Product Specifications / Spécifications de produits basées sur la S-100
S-104 - Tidal Information for Surface Navigation Documents
S-111 - Surface Currents Documents
S-111 Data sets Document


Miscellaneous Information / Informations diverses
Standard Constituent List (updated 8 May 2017) Document

Inventory of National Tide Gauges and Current Meters (Please send new/updated information to info@iho.int)

Actual Tides and Currents On-line Links Document
Vertical Reference Frame GNSS Datum details Document
Tidal Predictions Data Sets Document
Results of Analysis of Data Sets Document
Summary of survey of methods for tidal analysis 2021 Document
List of vertical datums used by Member States to describe Chart Datum Document
An inventory of tide prediction machines (2016) - Woodworth, P.L., NOC, Southampton http://nora.nerc.ac.uk/513660/





















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