List of Bulletins


Name Date Download
IHO-IOC GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) Project Annual Meetings Virtual Online Events, 11 - 20 January 20/01/2021 Download

Name Date Download
17th Meeting of the Southern African & Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC17) Video-teleconference (VTC), 3 - 4 February 03/02/2021 Download
16th Meeting of the Data Quality Working Group (DQWG) Video-teleconference, 9 -10 February 10/02/2021 Download
11th Meeting of the Worldwide ENC Database Working Group (WENDWG) Video-conference, 17 - 18 February 18/02/2021 Download
18th Meeting of the South West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC18) VTC meeting, 17 - 19 February 19/02/2021 Download
6thMeeting of the S-101 ENC Project Team (S-101PT) Video Tele-Conference (VTC) Meeting, 23-24 February 24/02/2021 Download

Name Date Download
5th Meeting of the IHO Tides, Water Level and Currents Working Group , Virtual Online Meeting, 16-18 March 18/03/2021 Download
8th Meeting of the Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG) Video-conference, 23 – 25 March 25/03/2021 Download


Name Date Download
7th Session of the IMO Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue / London, UK, 14-24 January 14/01/2020 Download
10th Meeting of the IHO-EU Working Group (IENWG) / Saint-Mandé, France, 14-15 January 14/01/2020 Download
1st Caribbean Regional Knowledge Partnership Workshop on Maritime Technical Cooperation activities / Kingston, Jamaica, 20-24 January 20/01/2020 Download

Name Date Download
15th Meeting of Data Quality Working Group (DQWG) / IHO Secretariat, Monaco, 4-7 February 04/02/2020 Download
43th Meeting of the United States of America-Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC) / Québec, Canada 24th February 24/02/2020 Download
NATO Use of Civil Standards Workshop / Athens, Greece, 25-27 February 25/02/2020 Download

Name Date Download
5th Meeting of the IHO HSSC Project Team on Standards for Hydrographic Surveys (HSPT5) / Stockholm, Sweden, 2 - 6 March 02/03/2020 Download
5th S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) Meeting / Taunton, United Kingdom (UK), 3 - 6 March 03/03/2020 Download
14th Meeting of the Souht West Atlantic Hydrographic Commission (SWATHC) / Niteroi, Brazil, 9 - 10 March 09/03/2020 Download
11th Meeting of the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (MSDIWG), 24-25 February / OGC Marine Domain Working Group Meeting, 26 February / UN-GGIM Working Group on Marine Geospatial Information, 26-28 March / Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany 26/03/2020 Download

Name Date Download
10th Meeting of the Worldwide ENC Database Working Group (WENDWG) Video-conference, 7 – 9 April 07/04/2020 Download

Name Date Download
18th Meeting of the IHO Capacity Building Sub-Committee (CBSC18), 2 - 3 June, Videoconference 03/06/2020 Download

Name Date Download
9th Meeting of the Crowdsourced Bathymetry Working Group Virtual Video Conference, 30 June - 2 July 02/07/2020 Download
5th Meeting of the ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group Video Tele-Conference (VTC) Meeting, 15 - 16 July 17/07/2020 Download

Name Date Download
Arctic Virtual Science Forum and 10th Conference of the Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC), 11 and 13-14 August 14/08/2020 Download

Name Date Download
14th Meeting of the South-East Pacific Regional Hydrographic Commission (SEPRHC) VTC, 15 September 15/09/2020 Download
25th Conference of the Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission, Virtual Video Conference - 22 September 22/09/2020 Download
Special Eastern Atlantic Hydrographic Commission (EAtHC), Video Teleconference (VTC) Meetings, 28-29 September 28/09/2020 Download

Name Date Download
12th Meeting of the IHO Inter-Regional Coordination Committee (IRCC12), VTC meeting, 6-7 October 07/10/2020 Download
27th Business Meeting of the Advisory Board on the Law of the Sea (ABLOS), Virtual Video Conference 6-8 October 08/10/2020 Download
12th Meeting of the Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC-12) VTC, 20-21 October 20/10/2020 Download

Name Date Download
6th Meeting of the Nautical Cartography Working Group (NCWG), Video-teleconference (VTC), 3 – 4 November 03/11/2020 Download
33rd Meeting of the IHO-IOC GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea feature names (SCUFN) Video-Teleconference (VTC), 9 – 10 November 09/11/2020 Download

Name Date Download
21st Meeting of the Meso American & Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC21) Video-teleconference (VTC), 30 November to 3 December 03/12/2020 Download
11th Meeting of the IHO-EU Working Group (IENWG) Video-teleconference (VTC), 2 – 3 December 03/12/2020 Download