The Hydrographic Services and Standards Programme (Programme 2 of IHO WP) focuses on the implementation of the strategic direction of developing, improving, promulgating and promoting clear, uniform, global hydrographic standards to enhance safety of navigation at sea, protection of the marine environment, maritime security and economic development”.

The main elements are:
 - Programme Coordination
 - Foundational Nautical Cartography Framework
 - S-100 Framework
 - S-57 Framework
 - Support the implementation of e-navigation and Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (MSDI)
 - Hydrographic Surveying
 - Hydrographic aspects of UNCLOS
 - Other technical standards, specifications, guidelines and tools

Chair: Mr Magnus WALLHAGEN (Sweden)
Vice-Chair:  Ms Nathalie LEIDINGER (France)

Assisted by:

Director Dr John NYBERG (IHO Secretariat)
Assistant Director Yves GUILLAM (IHO Secretariat)


To promote and coordinate the development of standards, specifications and guidelines for official products and services to meet the requirements of mariners and other users of hydrographic information.

HSSC Documents

Meeting documents for the current and previous year are maintained on this site. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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