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The S-57 "Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data” is the IHO standard to be used for the exchange of digital hydrographic data between national hydrographic offices and for its distribution to manufacturers, mariners and other data users.

The Purpose of the S-57 Standard

S-57 IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data - is the primary standard used for ENC production. The ENC Product Specification includes a descriptions of objects, attributes, data encoding format, and a product specification and updating profile.  S-57 describes how ENC's should be produced.

S-57 Documents and Resources

Structure of the S-57 Standard
The contents of this standard are organized as follows:
 - Part 1 provides a general introduction including a list of references and definitions of terms used in the rest of the Standard.
 - Part 2 describes the theoretical data model on which the entire Standard is based.
 - Part 3 defines the data structure or format that is used to implement the data model and defines the general rules for encoding data into that format.

The Standard also has two appendixes:
 - Appendix A is the Object Catalogue. This provides the official, IHO approved data schema that can be used within an exchange set to describe entities in the real world.
 - Appendix B contains the IHO approved Product Specifications. These are additional sets of rules applicable to specific applications

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