Capacity Building and Technical Cooperation


Capacity Building is defined as the process by which the IHO assesses and assists in sustainable development of the Member States and other states, to meet the objectives of the IHO and the obligations related to SOLAS Chapter V, UNCLOS and other international instruments. Capacity Building is a strategic objective of the IHO.

IHO CB Strategy

The IHO CB Strategy aims to provide strategic guidance for IHO capacity building to ensure the optimum contribution to safety of life at sea, to the protection of the environment, and to national economic development.

IHO CB Work Programme

The IHO CB Work Programme (CBWP) is the instrument describing the annual priorities for the execution of the CB Activities (technical visits, education programs, trainings, workshops and other agreed actions).

2025 Capacity Building Work Programme V1
2024 Capacity Building Work Programme V2
2023 Capacity Building Work Programme V5
2022 Capacity Building Work Programme (final V8)
2021 Capacity Building Work Programme (Final CBWP V6)
2020 Capacity Building Work Programme 
2019 Capacity Building Work Programme 


See also the CBSC page and its Miscellaneous section.


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