Chair: Mr Paul BRETT (Canada)
Vice-Chair:  Dr Rochelle WIGLEY (USA)
Permanent Secretary: Mr Sam HARPER (IHO)


SCET is to:

  • Regularly survey academic institutions, and their associated alumni programmes, providing Ocean Mapping programmes to identify any topics which will impact on the goals of GEBCO and the development of the next generation of ocean mappers.
  • Foster and maintain collaboration and engagement, including identifying placement opportunities, with the various academic institutions providing ocean mapping programmes.
  • Identify gaps in existing education and training programmes that, if addressed, would contribute to fulfilling the goals of the GEBCO programme. Where appropriate and/or requested, provide advice to the relevant institutions.
  • Identify requirements for further education and training, and engage with relevant institutions and organizations (academic and commercial) for opportunities for the provision of suitable courses and workshops.
  • Establish, support, and/or disband working groups or project teams, as needed, to carry out specific tasks or product development that advance the GEBCO Programme.
  • Work closely with other GEBCO Sub-Committees and subordinate bodies of the IHO and IOC on matters of common interest.

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