XXXXth Meeting of the GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC40)
IHO Secretariat, Monaco, 9-10 November 2023


Note: This event follows the GEBCO Map the Gaps Annual Symposium being held at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco 7-8 November. For more info click here.


Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Draft Actions]  
Last updated: 27 May 2024

Document No

Document Title


GGC40 Letter Invitation Letter - Link to Registration 16 October 2023
GGC40 Outline Programme for GEBCO Week 4 November 2023
GGC40 Document Template (Word version) 16 October 2023
GGC40 Presentation Template (PowerPoint version)  
GGC40 List of Participants  16 October 2023
GGC40-1.6a Draft Agenda  16 October 2023
GGC40-1.6b GGC39 Meeting Report  
GGC40-1.7a GGC39 List of Actions and Decisions   
GGC40-1.8a GEBCO Report to IRCC15 and IOC A-32  
GGC40-1.8b IRCC15 and IOC A-32 Outcomes  
GGC40-2.1 IHO update  
GGC40-2.2a IOC update  
GGC40-2.2b Report of the IOC Regular Working Group on user Requirements and Contributions to GEBCO Products  
GGC40-2.3 Financial Report  
GGC40-2.4 BODC Report 2 November 2023
GGC40-2.5 DCDB update - Presentation 2 November 2023
GGC40-2.6 NF Related Programmes Report 30 October 2023
GGC40-3.1.1 Cookbook Editorial Board Report  5 November 2023
GGC40-3.2 GGC ToRs and RoPs  
GGC40-4.1 GEBCO Governance review update - Presentation 20 November 2023
GGC40-5.1 GEBCO Strategic Plan - Paper - Strategy (Clean) (Mark Up) - Presentation  4 November 2023
GGC40-7 Discussion Paper on the Future of the GEBCO Symposium  
GGC40-9.1b Seabed 2030 Year 6 Report and  
GGC40-9.2 Seabed 2030 Year 7 Work Plan and proposed funding bid  
GGC40-10.1 SC consolidated workplans  
GGC40- SCUFN Report - Report  
GGC40- TSCOM Report - Report  
GGC40- SCRUM Report - Report  
GGC40- SCOPE Report - Report  
GGC40- SCET Report - Report  
GGC40-10.2.1 GGC40 Work Plan and Budget  
GGC40-13.1 GGC membership list  
GGC40-14.2 Draft agenda GGC41  
GGC40-16 GGC40 draft List of Actions and Decisions  
GGC40 Presentations .zip  

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