GGC Intersessional Meetings

GGC Intersessional Meetings 2021



Last updated:    22 March 2021

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GGC-IS 01/2021    
GGC-IS01/2021 Document Template (Word version) 22 March 2021  
GGC-IS01/2021 Day 1 Read    
GGC-IS01/2021 Day 2 Read    
GGC-IS01/2021 List of Participants v1.0    
GGC-IS01/2021-1.2 Draft Agenda v1.0    
GGC-IS01/2021-1.3 GGC37 Meeting Report 22 March 2021  
GGC-IS01/2021-1.4 GGC37 List of Actions - updated 22 March 2021 22 March 2021  
GGC-IS01/2021-2.1 Overarching GEBCO management and governance principles    
GGC-IS01/2021-2.2 List of GEBCO Principals    
GGC-IS01/2021-2.3 Draft GEBCO Code of Conduct    
GGC-IS01/2021-3.1 Sub-Committee briefs - See Day 1 Read    
GGC-IS01/2021-3.2 Seabed 2030 quarterly report - See Day 2 Read    
GGC-IS01/2021-4.1 Communications and website update    
GGC-IS01/2021-4.2 GEBCO service and user experience    
GGC-IS01/2021-4.3 SCET draft ToRs    
GGC-IS01/2021-5.3 List of Actions and Decisions    
GGC-IS 02/2021    
GGC-IS 03/2021    

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