Investment in Hydrographic Services discussed during Dominican Republic high-level technical visit

Published: 29/11/2023 - 12:10

In line with its mandate to plan, administer, and implement Capacity-Building activities, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) conducted a high-level technical visit to the Dominican Republic from 23 – 24 November. The primary focus was to discuss the important role of Hydrographic Services at national, regional, and international levels, emphasizing their contribution to the sustainable development of national economies, and applying to how they pertain to the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Dominican Republic.

During the visit, IHO Director Luigi Sinapi and Ms. Lucy Fieldhouse, Vice Chair of the IHO Capacity-Building Sub-Committee (CBSC), gained insights into the current state of hydrography within the country and highlighted the benefits of hydrography for sustainable development.

Meeting with the Constitutional President of the Dominican republic Mr Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona

This visit coincided with a crucial juncture for the Dominican Republic, which has the goal of becoming a logistics hub for the Caribbean region. Recognizing the essential role of up-to-date nautical charts in promoting social, tourist, and economic development, the importance of investing in hydrographic capabilities has become evident.

In an interview with the Dominican Republic newspaper, LA REPÚBLICA, Vice Admiral Agustin Alberto Morillo Rodríguez, the commander general of the Navy of the Dominican Republic (ARD) noted that "over 90% of global trade occurs through maritime routes and emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of navigation routes in the Dominican Republic." 

              Visits to the Commander General of the Armada,
               Minister of Defense, President of Senate

During the two days, the IHO delegation met with high-level military, administrative, maritime, legislative, and executive officials of the Dominican Republic, all of whom acknowledged the critical role of hydrographic data in ensuring navigation safety and fostering the country's sustainable development. However, it was also mutually recognized that achieving the consolidation and growth of the country's hydrographic capabilities necessitates investments in training and equipment.

Furthermore, active participation in IHO activities and programmes, particularly through the Meso-American and Caribbean Regional Hydrographic Commission (MACHC), was determined as being crucial for regional and international collaboration. Being able to seek technical support, advice or assistance from other IHO members, particularly those belonging to the same region, is a benefit of being a Member State of the IHO.

During the visit, Director Sinapi also gave a lecture entitled, “Hydrography: Supporting Sustainable Development at National, Regional and Global Levels” to the officers of the Armada and representatives of the Government of the Dominican Republic. In it, he illustrated the strategic objectives and future challenges of the IHO, its impact, and addressed numerous questions regarding hydrography and its positive impact on the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic and the protection of the marine environment.

Conference for the Armada officers and Dominican Government representatives

The Hydrographic Offices are the main support for sustainable development of the countries, considering the direct relationship that exists between the safety of navigation and the distribution of trade relations with the outside world. Furthermore, it is essential for the States to allocate economic funds to the investment of hydrographic surveys, through a strategy focused on consolidating human capital: this will have a positive impact on all productive activities related to the sea and maritime services that constitute, in an island country like the Dominican Republic, the sustainable development of the country.”

IHO Director Luigi Sinapi

 This visit marked the first high-level meeting conducted by a member of the IHO Secretariat Steering Committee.

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