UN Ocean Decade Conference

The IHO and the OECD are co-hosting a satellite event during the UN Ocean Decade conference in Barcelona. Entitled "The Seabed Data We Need for the Ocean We Want," this session aims to look at the importance of advancing our understanding of the ocean and fostering increased investment in related activities.

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It will mark the official launch of the IHO – OECD initiative on seafloor mapping and the ocean economy and some of the initial findings will be presented. Additionally, it will explore the requirements for establishing a sustainable framework for global seabed mapping. The overarching objective is to provide an evidence base for the large-scale investment which is necessary for the seabed data we need for the ocean we want.

Thursday 11 April 2024 8:30am to 9:45am

International Barcelona Convention Center (CCIB)

Plenary Room: 211-212 – One Ocean  – P2 floor



The presentations will be followed by an interactive dialogue with a Q&A and reverse Q&A where the audience will be able to provide their thoughts on questions raised by the panel.

Join this satellite-event to hear about:

  • Recent underwater discoveries (including new seamounts in the Pacific).
  • Data standards to support Marine Protected Areas
  • The Digital Twin of the Ocean
  • How do we do it? Cutting-edge technology and more
  • Case studies from around the world
  • The legal framework for ocean data

It will examine the benefits of increased investment in ocean mapping and better ocean knowledge. It will explore the economic value chains that seabed data underpins. It will include case studies of countries gathering ocean data and the impact on the wider economy, the development of data strategies and standards etc.

Coffee and refreshments will be served. 

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