The Advisory Board comprises 4 representatives from IHO Member States and 4 representatives from the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). The UN DOALOS and IHO Secretariat are ex-officio members. IHO Member States may send observers to the meetings and other observers may attend at the invitation of the Chairman.

The Advisory Board meets every year and holds an International Seminar every other year. Additional information can be found on the Danish Technical University (DTU) hosted website

Chair: Dr Juan Carlos BÁEZ SOTO (IAG Rep.) (Chile)
Vice-Chair:  Ms Fiona BLOOR (IHO Rep.) (UK)
Secretariat: Assistant Director Leonel MANTEIGAS (IHO)



  • provide advice, guidance and, where applicable, offer expert interpretation of the hydrographic, geodetic and marine geo-scientific aspects of the Law of the Sea to the parent Organizations, their Member States or to other organizations on request.
  • review State practice and jurisprudence on Law of the Sea matters which are relevant to the work of the Board so as to be in a position to Provide expert advice when needed.
  • study, promote and encourage the development of appropriate techniques in the application of the technical provisions contained within the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
  • issue, review and update ABLOS publications as necessary and to review the relevant IHO Special Publications.

ABLOS Documents

Meeting documents for the current and previous year are maintained on this site. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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