Updated IHO Geospatial Information Registry

Published: 13/11/2020 - 15:07

The IHO has released an updated Geospatial Information Registry which now contains over 7000 items for the modelling of oceanic data.

This compilation of standardized data concepts enables users to create customized data structures which serve as building blocks for new interoperable data products.

In addition to depth data and nautical charts, the web-based registry can accommodate data models on a variety of topics including global tides and currents, topographic charts, meteorological information, as well as oceanographic data on biological and chemical parameters of the marine environment.  

This infrastructure supports the IHOs Universal Hydrographic Data Model (IHO S-100) and includes:

  • a Concept Register for the registration of hydrographic-related terms and definitions;
  • a Data Dictionary Register in which data structures are stored;
  • a Portrayal Register for symbols, line styles and colors for the presentation of data;
  • a Product Specification Register for the registration of S-100 based Product Specifications and other S-100 related Standards; and
  • a Producer Code Register for the management of IHO Data Producer Codes.

This open-access Geospatial Information Registry includes a test bed that allows users to check the status of Product Specifications development, which is essential for implementing the S-100 concept.

The Republic of Korea, in particular the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA), has supported the development and operation of the IHO GI Registry since its introduction in 2013.

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