S-102PT7 (2021)

7th meeting of S-102 Bathymetric Surface Project Team (S-102PT7)

Online Meeting (Goto Meeting Link)

16 Feb 2021 (12:00 to 15:00 CET, UTC+1)
17 Feb 2021 (16:00 to 19:00 CET, UTC+1)

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes and Actions] - [Meeting Photo]  /  [S-102 Ed.2.1.0 (Draft Redline)]

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Introduction Logistics

1. Administration



List of Documents and Agenda (this page)



List of Participants

S-102PT7-1.3 15Feb Call for S-102PT Chair (S-100WG_CL2/2021)
S-102PT7-1.4 15Feb S-102PT Membership (15Feb2021)
2. General Topics
S-102PT7-2.1 15Feb S-102PT6 Actions_rev1
S-102PT7-2.2 15Feb S-102PT Work Plan _Version1
3. Proposals



S-102PS Ed.2.1.0 (Draft Redline+comments)

 - 7CS, EC

 - Canada 

 - BSH

S-102PT7-3.2 15Feb Uncertainty based on IHO S-44
S-102PT7-3.3   General Discussion on the Uncertainty
S-102PT7-3.4   List of Available Datums in S-102
S-102PT7-3.5 15Feb Optional Metadata Layers for Source Quality Info.



ScanDirection in S-100 Part 10C

S-102PT7-3.7   Quality of Survey Coverage in the Data Set
S-102PT7-3.8   Scope of S-102PS Considering Nav-only, and a More Comprehensive Variant
S-102PT7-3.9 19Feb Feature Oriented Discrete Coverage in HDF5 / Test Data
4. Any Other Business
  19Feb Enabling Automated Cartography
5. Date and Location of the next meeting

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