Document Review Working Group - DRWG21 (2023)

Document Review Working Group (DRWG21) -

Part 1 - Remote Webex (28 February - 2 March 2023)

0900-1200 GMT


Part 2 - Face to Face - IMO, London, UK (22 May - 24 May 2023)

0900-1700 BST (UTC+1) 



DRWG21 - Part 1

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo] 
Last updated:   22 February 2023

Document No

Document Title

DRWG21_1-1a Draft Agenda
DRWG21_1-1b WWNWS14 Action Items
DRWG21_1-1c DRWG20 Action List
DRWG21_1-1d Document Status Report
DRWG21_1-1e MSI Documents Revision Cycle-Draft
DRWG21_1-2 MSI Duplicate terms
DRWG21_1-2a MSC.468_101
DRWG21_1-2b MSC.469_101
DRWG21_1-2c MSC.470_101
DRWG21_1-2d MSC1_Circ1645
DRWG21_1-9 S-124 PT Report
DRWG21_1-11 Provisional Agenda-WWNWS15
DRWG21_1 List of Actions
DRWG21_1 List of Participants


DRWG21 - Part 2

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo] 
Last updated:   17 May 2023
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Document No

Document Title

DRWG21_2-1a Draft Agenda
DRWG21_2-1b WWNWS14 Action Items
DRWG21_2-1c DRWG21 Action List
DRWG21_2-1d Document Status Report
DRWG21_2-1e MSI Documents Revision Cycle-Draft
DRWG21_2-2 MSI Duplicate terms - Definition location
DRWG21_2-2a MSC.468_101
DRWG21_2-2b MSC.469_101
DRWG21_2-2c MSC.470_101
DRWG21_2-2d MSC1_Circ1645
DRWG21_2-4 Duplicate Text Matrix
DRWG21_2-9 NAVAREA National Coordinators
DRWG21_2-10 Provisional Agenda-WWNWS15
DRWG21_2 List of Actions
DRWG21_2 List of Participants


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