SMAN11 (2019)

11th World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS-SC) Meeting
Halifax, Canada (26 - 30 August 2019)


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Self Assessment Template
Template to be used for the submission of NAVAREA Self Assessments - amended 8 February 2019 8 February 2019
Self Assessment Template Annex
NAVAREA Self Assessment Annex A Template - 8 February 2019
Document Template
Template to be used for the submission of documents, other than Self Assessments 28 September 2018
                 WWNWS11                  PowerPoint Template Template to be used for PowerPoint Presentations at WWNWS11 19 July 2019
WWNWS11-01/2019 Invitation Letter 26 March 2019
WWNWS11-01/2019 Enclosure 1 - Logistics Information 26 March 2019
WWNWS11-01/2019 Enclosure 2 - Hotel Booking Form (Word version)  
WWNWS11-01/2019 Enclosure 3 - Registration Form (Word version) 26 March 2019
WWNWS11-01/2019 Enclosure 3 - Registration Form (pdf version) 26 March 2019
WWNWS11-List of Participants List of Participants v4.0 8 August 2019
WWNWS-SC Provisional agenda for International SafetyNET Coordinating Panel v1.0 16 July 2019
WWNWS11-1-3 Programme for WWNWS11-SC meeting v2.0 18 July 2019
WWNWS11-1.5 Provisional Agenda for WWNWS11 v3.0 18 July 2019
WWNWS11-1-6 WWNWS10 ACTION ITEMS - Corrected to 8 August 2019 8 August 2019
WWNWS11-1-7.1 Report to IRCC11 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-1-7.2 Report to IRCC11 Presentation 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-1-7.3 Relevant IRCC11 Recommendations and Actions 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-2-1 IHO Update Report  
WWNWS11-2-2 IMO Update Report  
WWNWS11-2-3 WMO Update Report 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-2-4 IMSO Update Report  
WWNWS11-3-1-1 Outcomes of MSC 100 and MSC 101 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-1-2 Outcomes of NCSR 6 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-1-3 Outcomes of IMO-ITU EG15 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-I Self Assessment NAVAREA I 25 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-I-Annex B Self Assessment NAVAREA I Annex B 25 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-Ib Self Assessment NAVAREA Ib 7 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-Ib-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA Ib Annex A 7 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II 7 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II Rev.1 31 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-II-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA II Annex A 30 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-III Self Assessment NAVAREA III 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-III-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA III Annex A 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-IV_XII Self Assessment NAVAREA IV_XII 31 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-IV_XII-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA IV_XII Annex A  
WWNWS11-3-2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V 1 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V Rev.1 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-VI Self Assessment NAVAREA VI 30 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-VI-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VI Annex A  
WWNWS11-3-2-VII Self Assessment NAVAREA VII 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-VII-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VII Annex A 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-VIII Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII  
WWNWS11-3-2-VIII-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII Annex A  
 WWNWS11-3-2-IX Self Assessment NAVAREA IX  
WWNWS11-3-2-IX-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA IX Annex A  
WWNWS11-3-2-X Self Assessment NAVAREA X  
WWNWS11-3-2-X-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA X Annex A  
WWNWS11-3-2-XI Self Assessment NAVAREA XI 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XI-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA XI Annex A  
WWNWS11-3-2-XIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XIII 1 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XIV Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV 30 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XIV-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV Annex A 30 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XV Self Assessment NAVAREA XV 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XVI Self Assessment NAVAREA XVI  
WWNWS11-3-2-XVII_XVIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XVII_XVIII 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XIX Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XIX-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX Annex A 6 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-2-XX_XXI Self Assessment NAVAREA XX_XXI  
WWNWS11-3-2-N_C_R National Coordinator Report - CHN  
WWNWS11-3-2-1 Quality Management Survey  
WWNWS11-3-3-1-1 IMO NAVTEX Coordinating Panel Report 2 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-3-1-1 IMO NAVTEX Coordinating Panel Report Rev.1 7 August 2019
WWNWS11-3-3-2 SafetyNET Panel Report  
WWNWS11-3-3-3.1 IOC TOWS-WG Tsunami Warning Message alerts for maritime community 23 July 2019
WWNWS11-3-3-3.2 IOC TOWS-WG-XII Report 23 July 2019
WWNW11-3-4-1.1 Inmarsat Performance Report - IMSO  
WWNWS11-3-4-1.2 Inmarsat EGC SafetyNET Report  
WWNWS11-3-4-2 Iridium EGC Report  
WWNWS11-3-4-3 Iridium operational implementation progress report - IMSO  
WWNW11-3-4-4 S-124 CG Progress Report  
WWNWS11-3-5-1 Considerations on monitoring MSI broadcasts over satellite systems - IMSO 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-4-1.1 Actions from DocRev WG17 Meeting 8 February 2019
WWNWS11-4-1.2 Document Review Status Report 18 July 2019
WWNW11-4-14 WWNWS-SC ToRs 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-5-1 Regional Hydrographic Commission Meetings 18 July 2019
WWNW1-5-1-1.1 National Reports to Regional Hydrographic Commissions - Australia  
WWNWS11-5-1-1.2 Annex-A-RHC National Report MSI Template - Australia  
WWNW11-5-2 CB MSI Training 2019-2020  
WWNWS11-INF.1 Analysis and assessment of the GMDSS performance of Inmarsat Global Limited 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-INF.2 Status and plans of BDMSS for recognition and use in GMDSS 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-INF.3 Considerations on current practice and the history of charging exemptions for certain classes of maritime radio traffic 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-INF.4 Fleet Safety addition to the International SafetyNET Manual (MSC.1Circ.1364Rev.1) 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-INF.5 Development of an interim preliminary draft Iridium SafetyCast service manual 17 July 2019
WWNWS11-INF.6 MS5 - Maritime Safety Information service 18 July 2019
WWNWS11-6-2 Provisional Agenda WWNWS12 18 July 2019
WWNWS11 Presentations Presentations zip  

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