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IHO Publication S-52 was developed in conjunction with the IMO Performance Standards for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). It provides specifications and guidance regarding the issuing and updating of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), and their display in ECDIS in terms of symbols and colours.

S-52  Components

Main Document - "Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS", - describes the requirements and methods in relatively general terms.

  - Annex B, (this annex has been deleted)
  - Annex C, which specifies a procedure for maintaining the calibration of displays.

Annex A - "Presentation Library" available as a separate document. It gives full details of colours, symbols, symbolization instructions, etc. together with guidance on how an ENC should be displayed. It comprises;
  - Part I contains chart objects
  - Part I also has six appendices that are separate files. One (Appendix A) contains values for the three colour tables; the other five (Appendices B-F) contain symbolization look-up tables
  - Part II contains a few Mariner´s Navigational Objects, such as Danger highlight or Mariner's feature.

The ECDIS Chart 1 is issued together with the Presentation Library as a graphic file. Its also available as a collection of the varying objects contained in a special cell in S-57 format containing generic feature objects.  Figure 1 below shows the configuration of S-52 documents and resources.

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