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SOLAS regulations V/18 and V/19, requires that in order to achieve chart carriage requirements (in terms of SOLAS), the ECDIS equipment must conform to the relevant IMO performance standards. ECDIS units on board  are  required  to  comply  with  one  of  two  performance  standards  (either  IMO resolution A.817(19), as amended; or resolution MSC.232(82)), depending on the date of their installation.

See also Information on IHO Standards related to ENC and ECDIS for additional information on IHO standards that are relevant to ENC provision and ECDIS carriage requirements.

Where an ECDIS is being used to meet the chart carriage requirements of SOLAS, it must:

  • be type-approved;
  • use up to date electronic navigational charts (ENC);
  • be maintained  so  as  to  be  compatible  with  the  latest  applicable IHO standards;
  • have adequate, independent back-up arrangements in place.

The following ENC and ECDIS related standards apply.

Latest IHO Standards that Apply to ECDIS Equipment and Data
(Last updated - 21 May 2019)

Standard Edition in Force Notes
S-57 Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data Edition 3.1 (November 2000) Note 1: Edition 3.1 should be used in conjunction with:
Supplement 3 (June 2014) and Maintenance Document 8 (Clarifications which are also classified as corrections should not be applied)
S-52 Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS Edition 6.1(.1) (October 2014) With Clarifications up to June 2015. Note 2: The up-to-datedness of the ECDIS in regard to the installation of the latest Edition of the Standards is represented by the first 2 digits of the Edition number. The 3rd digit of the Edition number (in brackets) indicates a clarification version of the Standard; clarifications have no impact on safety of navigation or ECDIS performance.
These Editions are the normative references for the type approval of ECDIS systems referring to the 4th edition of IEC61174 (2015). Despite the care taken in preparing these New Editions, their effective implementation may reveal imperfections. Please use the change proposal form to report any change that may be required.
S-52 (Annex A) Presentation Library Edition 4.0(.2) (October 2014) With Clarifications up to July 2017 See Note 2
S-64 Test Data Sets for ECDIS Edition 3.0.2 (July 2017) See Note 2
S-61 Product Specification for Raster Navigational Chart (RNC)  Edition 1.0 (January 1999) Note 3: Only if ECDIS software supports RCDS mode.
S-63 Data Protection scheme Edition 1.2.0 (January 2015) Note 4: The changes to edition 1.1.0 (2008) introduced in the subsequent versions are as follows:
- Edition 1.1.1 (April 2012): The changes affect the manufacturer identifier (M_ID). They are transparent for the end user.
- Edition 1.2.0 (January 2015): An additional Annex C is added to Edition 1.1.1 to provide a normative reference for the ENC update status report. Compliance with this new Annex applies only to those ECDIS systems that are type-approved in accordance with the 4th Edition of IEC61174 (2015). There is no retrospective impact on ECDIS systems which have been type-approved earlier.


(In addition to the Standards listed above) - > Latest IHO Standards that apply to ENC Producers (Hydrographic Offices)

Edition in force  Title
S-11 Part A Edition 3.1.0 (February 2018) Guidance for the Preparation and Maintenance of International (INT) Chart and ENC Schemes
Guide pour la préparation et la tenue à jour des schémas de cartes Internationales (INT) et d'ENC
S-58 Edition 6.1.0 (September 2018) ENC Validation Checks
S-62 Current Edition Data Producer Codes
S-65 Edition 2.1.0 (May 2017) ENCs: Production, Maintenance and Distribution Guidance
Guide pour la production, la mise à jour et la diffusion des ENC

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