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The IHO Data Protection Scheme defines security constructs and operating procedures that must be followed by Data Servers (providers of data) Data Clients (systems that use the data).

The purpose of data protection scheme is to provide:

1. Piracy Protection: i.e. to prevent unauthorised use of data by encrypting the ENC information.
2. Selective Access: i.e. to restrict access to ENC information to only those cells that a customer has been licenced for.
3. Authentication: i.e to provide assurance that the ENC data has come from approved sources

There are currently two IHO security schemes. The S-63 Scheme, is used for ENC's and ECDIS based on the S-57 Standard. The S-100 Scheme (currently being implemented for testing), is intended for S-100 based products (e.g. S-101, S-102 etc).

S-63 Documents and Resources

The main S-63 Documents are available in English and French, and can be downloaded from the IHO Document Archive.  The following associated documents and resources are a available below;

S-100 Scheme Documents and Resources

The S-100 Security Scheme is describe in Part 15 of the latest S-100 IHO Universal Hydrographic Data Model document, which is available from the IHO Document Archive.  

The following associated documents and resources are a available for the schemes;

Annex A - Data Server Certificate request documents, for both schemes;

Annex B - Manufacturer information request documents, for both schemes;

IHO Top Level Certificates

Other Resources


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