IHO-Singapore Lab

IHO - Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory


Collaboration between the IHO and Singapore to establish the IHO-Singapore Innovation & Technology Laboratory (IHO Lab) is to encourage Member States, including stakeholders to jointly undertake Innovative, Testbedding, or Proof-of-concept related to Hydrography.

In order to provide leadership and set direction, the IHO Lab is managed by a General Manager and overseen by a Governing Board. The Governing Board is composed of the IHO Director in-charge of the IHO Work Programme II, the Chair of the Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC), the Chair of the Inter-Regional Coordination Committee (IRCC) and up to three (3) representatives with administrative and/or technical expertise nominated by the host country Singapore.

Chair: Director Dr John NYBERG (IHO Secretariat)
General Manager: Dr Parry OEI (Singapore)
Secretariat: Assistant Director Yong BAEK (IHO Secretariat)



  • Facilitate the conduct of innovative or investigative projects in the laboratory and/or test bedding in the field proposed by IHO Member State(s), IHO organs, or other stakeholders.
  • Enable knowledge creation and foster collaboration to evaluate specifications of global standard setting within the scope of IHO standardization activities at the request of e.g. IHO Member State(s) in order to explore their faster transition, application, and development of technologies enhancing safety at sea; and
  • Foster a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment for investigators such as technical experts, scientists, engineers, and user communities to interact learn, and promote new solutions and technologies, including collaboration and cooperation with other international organizations research and development bodies active in the maritime domain under the guidance of a Governing Board.


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