NIOHC19 (2019)

19th Meeting 
2019 - Muscat, Oman (26-28 March 2019)
Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography
25 March 2019, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Post Meeting Documents: [Report] [Photos]

Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography[LINK:ATTENTION!!]

Document No

Document Title

NIOHC CL 04/2018 Chair Handover Letter
NIOHC  CL 05/2018 Resolution 2-1997-Input
NIOHC CL 06/2018 Chair Handover + NIOHC19 Meeting Date + Agenda Input + National Reports
NIOHC CL 07/2018 NIOHC Capacity Building Work Programme: Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography  (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 25 March 2019)
NIOHC CL 08/2018 NIOHC Response to IRCC - IHO Resolution 2-1997
NIOHC CL 01/2019 NIOHC input to IHO Circular Letter 10/2019 - CBSC17 and IRCC11
NIOHC CL 02/2019 NIOHC input to IHO Meetings
NIOHC CL 04/2019 Review of Resolution 1/2005
NIOHC 09/2018 Invitation Letter with annexes
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex A NIOHC19 Agenda
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex B NIOHC18 List of Actions
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex C NICCWG List of Actions
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex D Logistics Information
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex E Registration Form (pdf version)
NIOHC 09/2018 Annex E Registration Form (Word version)
NIOHC CL 06/2018 Request for National Reports and Agenda Items
NIOHC 19 National Report Template
NIOHC 19 National Report Presentation Template
NIOHC 19 Chairman Key Note Address
NIOHC 19 NICCWG INT Chart Report
NIOHC 19-02 List of Participants v5.0
NIOHC 19-03 Draft Agenda Programme v5.0
NIOHC 19-03 Annotated Agenda
NIOHC 19-04 NIOHC18 Meeting Report
NIOHC 19-05 Status of Actions from 18th NIOHC
NIOHC 19-06 NIOHC Statutes
NIOHC 19-07.1 IHO Report
NIOHC 19-07.2 IHO CL51/2018 - Outcome of Council-2
NIOHC 19-07.3 IRCC10 Report
NIOHC 19-07.4 WENDWG9 Report
NIOHC19-07.5 HSSC10 Report
NIOHC 19-07.6 IHO Year Book (P-5)
NIOHC 19-11.1 C-55
NIOHC 19.11.2 MSDI Update
NIOHC 19-13.1a Bangladesh National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1b Egypt National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1c India National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1d Indonesia National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1e Myanmar National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1f Pakistan National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1g Saudi Arabia National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1h Sri Lanka National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1h Annex A Sri Lanka National Report Annex A
NIOHC 19-13.1i Thailand National Report
NIOHC 19-13.1j UK National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1k Australia National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1l France National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1m Oman National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1n Mauritius National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1o Seychelles National Report
NIOHC 19-15.1p USA National Report
NIOHC 19-17.1 NICCWG Report-v2.0
NIOHC 19-17.2 NAVAREA VIII and IX Reports
NIOHC 19-17.3 CB Review
NIOHC 19-19.1 GEBCO report (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-21.1 IMO report
NIOHC 19-21.2 CSB Report (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-21.3 IALA report (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-21.4 PERSGA report (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-21.5.1 RENC Report (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-21.5.2 PRIMAR Report
NIOHC 19-24 Maritime Disasters experience
NIOHC 19-26 Regional MSDI
NIOHC 19-27 Blue Economy (see Presentations)
NIOHC 19-29 Draft List of Actions (Word version)
NIOHC 19 National Presentations:ATTENTION!!.zip
NIOHC 19 Industry+Organizations  Presentations:ATTENTION!!.zip

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