S-100 Infrastructure

The S-100 infrastructure, whose backbone is the GI Registry, has been operational for a few years. In addition to the various working groups under IHO’s remit, a number of organizations have been utilizing the Registry to propose their concepts. The Registry now holds several thousands of concepts that are in various stages of lifecycle. Much valuable experience has been gained through the registration and approval process.

The key feature of S-100 is that is maintained independently from all the product specifications that are built from it. The S-100 framework utilizes versioning in both S-100 and the derived product specification. This means a product specification is built from a version of S-100 and is not affected as S-100 evolves. Only when the product specification needs maintenance itself should a review be done if aligning with the latest version of S-100 is needed.

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Last modified: 07/03/2022 - 11:34