S-102PT15 (2023)

15th meeting of S-102 Bathymetric Surface Project Team (S-102PT15)

Singapore / Hybrid Meeting

17 November 2023 (09:00 - 17:00,  UTC+8) /  Calendar Day


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    Online Registration_Deadline: 30 September 2023  
List of Documents (this page)
    S-102PS Github repository Link   
S-102PT15-1.1 8Nov2023 Portrayal Catalouge Development 49, 48
S-102PT15-1.2 8Nov2023 Validation checks annex 59, 50
S-102PT15-1.3 8Nov2023
Redline version (.doc)
S-102PT15-1.3.1 8Nov2023 Change proposal PrivateKey  
S-102PT15-1.3.2 8Nov2023 Change proposal UnusedAbbreviation  
S-102PT15-1.4 8Nov2023 Change proposal QualityofBathymetricCoverage  
S-102PT15-1.5 8Nov2023 Uncertainty registration  
S-102PT15-1.6 8Nov2023 SMA presentation on grid cell / cell area updates 29
S-102PT15-1.7 8Nov2023 SMA proposal to remove Annex F / Presentation 61
S-102PT15-2.1 8Nov2023 ReplacedData and DataReplacement  
S-102PT15-2.2 8Nov2023 Proposal to change notation convention for transparency 63
S-102PT15-2.3 16Nov2023 Discussion no data quality portrayal considerations  
S-102PT15-2.4 8Nov2023 Proposal to change references to vertical datums 60, 53
S-102PT15-3.1   Discussion on Ed.3.0 of S-102PS  
S-102PT15-3.2   Assignment of outstanding tasks  
S-102PT15-3.3   Discussion on how best to capture outstanding items for non-nav spec  
S-102PT15-4.1 8Nov2023 Chair report on progress 57, 52
S-102PT15-5.1   SMA demonstration of Baltic Sea project  
S-102PT15-5.2   NOAA test / evaluation files  
S-102PT15-7.1   Plans for Next Meeting  

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